November 09, 2006

Ruined Music
  • Ouch. I'll bet many of us have a song or two like that.
  • The entire "Siamese Dream" album, for me ...
  • have turned our relationship into the sort where I just wait for him to die, so I know I’ll never, ever have to speak to him about anything ever again. Hello! This site is completely mis-titled.
  • Man I could spend pages and pages covering the crap that came out from 1995 to 1996, the songs were "ruined" by someone performing them. Sorry when ever I think of song and bad memories, I think of Better than Ezra, and other post-grunge tripe that hit the air waves in that time frame. One Better Than Ezra song particularly made me cringe.
  • Rocket's dating tip #35: Never let a bad woman ruin a good song.
  • Oh man, do I ever have a ruined song collection. First on the list would be "September", by Earth Wind & Fire. Not that I'm a fan of theirs to begin with, but hearing that song now -- knife in the gut. Former client of mine, a real saucy firecracker of a lady, fun as heck to deal with and simply be around, came down with breast cancer for the second time. Didn't make it. 39. Rather than have a funeral where everybody was all depressed, she wanted this 'celebration of life' thing, which was a noble idea, but it just failed miserably. She had a video, where she talked to everybody in the church and said a very cheery goodbye, and oh -- it was horrible. Such a bright life snuffed out pointlessly, and everybody sitting there, rightfully glum and/or pissed off at the insurmountable crappiness of her dying, and he she was, talking to us from beyond the grave, trying to cheer us up. Service ended, and there was a balloon release, done to the excited happy stylins' of Earth Wind & Fire. I've never felt more nauseous in my life. And hearing that song brings it right back in an instant. Emotional suckerpunch.
  • Sorry Louis. That's a bad one. At least none of these are Christmas carols. (Or, if they are, don't tell me. 'Cause it's bad enough they play them non-stop from Nov. 1 through Dec. 31)
  • Yeah, Capt. Renault, all the songs I can't listen to were played at funerals. Wonderwall reminds me of an ex but I can't stand Oasis in general anyway.
  • During the tv coverage of the Enschede Fireworks disaster Dutch tv kept playing Radioheads' Pyramid Song in the background. I guess, because it was both moody and recent enough. Bastards.
  • Man, these are all long. My last ruined song has to do with watching stoned 13 year olds try to headbang to it at an Ozzfest a few years back. Now I can't listen to it without seeing them try to 'rock out'.
  • Heh heh hm heh . . you're old . . . heh hm heh heh hmh heh