November 07, 2006

Walken to play Ozzy!!! W. T. F
  • And Val Kilmer as David Lee Roth. That's going to be hilarious.
  • That would be the same Val Kilmer of whom John Frankenheimer said "I wouldn't work with Val Kilmer again if I was shooting the Val Kilmer Story starring Val Kilmer"? So rare that you're given advance notice of a train wreck. I'll be sure to be there.
  • Kilmer was awesome in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I hope Walken/Ozzy snorts a line of ants, and I hope Kilmer/Roth does the cheerleader jump. Then I'll be a happy little girl.
  • Oh please please have him do the bat bit please please!
  • If it's a cameo, why can't we just have Ozzy? That's insame.
  • Will this be the first time that an actor playing an actual person is older than the actual person at the time of filming? Sure, the actors are usually older than their real-life counterparts were from the period they will be re-enacting. But Walken is older than Osbourne right now. I say it has never been done.
  • Plus he's supposed to be playing Ozzy from 20 years ago. Although, Ozzy 20 years ago looked like he was 65, so it balances out.
  • But Walken is older than Osbourne right now. As opposed to that period in 1987, when Ozzy was older. (Sorry Bernockle. It's my way of saying 'welcome back, sticky buddy.')
  • "Try the new Sticky Buddy! It's like a Nutty Buddy, but dipped in spooge!" Please pay no attention to the fpp-worthy latest incarnation of the name "Nutty Buddy."
  • Dick Cheney has been older than George W. Bush for the entire six years he has been acting as President.
  • By the way, has anyone noticed that at the same moment Bernockle cam back, Quid disappeared? Coincidence? I think not.
  • This town wasn't big enough for the both of us.
  • You're a swell fella and all, bernockle, but bring my quid back. NOW.
  • Somebody has to go out to the fields and milk the owls, I guess.
  • /collapse
  • I still want Ozzy. He couldn't possibly cost more than Walken. Then again, we're not sure if Ozzy could remember the lines...