November 06, 2006

Curious, George: Birthday Theme Help me pick a theme for my 25th Birthday

I've been thinking something involving "1/4," since I'm a quarter century old. Leaving it open to interpretation, people could come dressed from the French Quarter, bring a quarter bottle of hootch, or perhaps be drawn and quartered. Anyone else got any better ideas?

  • Sounds good to me. But more importantly, are we invited?
  • OH FUCK YES! Any Monkeys that will be in the Seattle area on the 18th should drop me a line. That would be sweet.
  • Anything but medieval-themed.
  • So... this quarter theme -- rules out the Dollar Store, huh?
  • I think we're going to have a hard time beating the "drawn and quartered" idea, I think you should go with it. And..sorry, I can't make it... :-(
  • You'll be serving Quarter Pounders, right?
  • Saranac makes a lovely Black Forest, available by the quart.
  • I think the perfect theme would be "birthday themes!"
  • Don raven costume. Then climb into a pie with four and twenty other blackbirds. Have a happy one.
  • You could have a quarter-life crisis at the party. No, really. Stick your past-due bills and lots of pictures of your exes up on the wall, and start drinking by yourself in a corner. Then again, maybe that's just how I spent my 25th birthday.
  • What date is it? Maybe something significant happened on your birthdate that you could force everyone to replicate, or on that date in 1925 or 1825 or whatever.
  • Quarter-life crisis? Bah! The best is yet to come! Just you wait when you reach and leave behind your thirties, now that's when you'll begin drinking to sleep amid painful flashbacks. *sighs, drinks to sleep*
  • November 18 in history. The First Crusade? William Tell shot an apple off his son's head on that date. Columbus sighted Puerto Rico. Louis XIV had anal fistula surgery. Steamboat Willie was released. The Blues Brothers first appeared on SNL. Calvin and Hobbes was first published. It's Latvian Independence Day.
  • Whoa, it's a hard choice between the Blues Brothers and the royal fistula.
  • And everyone should wear corduroy. Get it? Quarter-roy? Get... oh, nevermind.
  • Hmm... the 25th anniversary of something is usually the silver anniversary, so you could have a silver theme (especially if you think you could wrangle gifts of silver from friends and family!). You could go the fancy silver tea-service route, or simply cover things in aluminum foil and get a disco ball and other shiny decorations.
  • How come no one mentioned playing quarters? Other ideas (in order): 1)shotgun 25 beers 2)dress down to a quarter (i suppose this is 3)underwear only, that's what i'd do) 4)drink a quarter of a keg 5)then tell off a fourth of your friends and family in your drunken state irrevocably divorcing them from your life 6)release a quarter of the animals at the zoo (ride the elephant to freedom) 7)drink a fourth of a texas mickey of everclear 8)shoot only a fourth part of whatever ammunition you have 9)have a quarter of your stomach pumped 10)only pay for a fourth of the hospital bill 11)spend the next quarter century in corrections 12)double everything from the previous list starting again
  • Oooh, disco ball! Too bad that the day itself is on the 16th, although the party is on the 18th. i don't get Blues Brothers OR C&H. Also, I was Elwood for Halloween. Looked great. Good ideas. Keep 'em coming.
  • A 1925-themed party with jazz, flappers, and bathtub gin?
  • happy birthday, I have no ideas :)
  • I think it should be Kikaida themed. Or dinosaurs.
  • Sod the quarters - go for the hot chicks and coke themed party. Works every time. Happy B-day you crazy yank!
  • nautical theme - everyone's invited to the captain's quarters for a party. nautical-piratical theme - avast ye scurvy dogs! give us yer booty or ye'll be shown no quarter. law of fives theme - 25 being 5^2 and therefore special.
  • Mmmmm, hot chicks and coke...