November 06, 2006

About Those Dimples ... Helpful measures for wine-bibbers.

Why sending hate mail to squirrels is contraindicated. And ItchySquirrel's other website: how to make pop art portraits. Via

  • Those last two links are awfully similar, bees...
  • Squirrels hate pop art.
  • Yikes: identical squirrel-poster twins! Why sending hate mail to squirrels is contraindicated.
  • Neat link, and nice and dry (the humor, not the assumed wine). I like how hte final theories are all over the board. Life is more fun when there are no reasonable answers to something like this.
  • He's right, that is the best hate-mail ever. Not only in content, but I also noticed only one glaring spelling error. And unless the pound is worth vastly more than the dollar (by like a factor of ten), he didn't look at a wide variety of wine. Just the cheapest stuff.
  • This is a fascinating topic. Some common wine bottle shapes. I've always considered the punt a remnant of glass-blowing techniques. The blown glass forms a bulb, and the quickest way to make it stable is to push the end of the bulb back in on itself. See here for some illustrations and some more bottle shapes.
  • Handsome sites, roryk! I'd always heard the punt makes it easier to pour wine without having the corky bits end up in the glass. Why wine bottles have punts seems, overall, a thing of mystery, however.
  • Punt is just a cute name for a foot, and damn near everything has one. Your coffee cup, a beer can, a dinner plate, a shaving cream can, easy cheese cans, whatever. Every vessel I can think of has a punt. I just looked through my place for something without. PB & J jars, a can of WD-40, the icy-hot container, the garbage can, everything has one. I don't think the mystery is "why do wine bottles have punts?" but "what doesn't have one?"