November 04, 2006

The Devil is calling the heater repairman. When the military is losing confidence in your ability to lead, when the neocons basically call you incompetent, your allies are losing faith and the polls seem to show people believe the war was a mistake, do you think your kung-fu will save you?

The American Empire of King George (1, 2, 3, 4 , countless others) and Duke Rumsfeld appears to be in a spot of bother.

  • Euronews was all like OMG American military is about to stage a coup d'etat. But then the actual story is kinda weak. Let's see if Rummy actually loses his job this time. (I would bet that he doesn't.)
  • One of the cornerstones of our national psyche is that civilians control the military, so I don't think there's going to be a coup anytime soon, but this is significant - I take it as a sign that the military has given up the pretense of any confidence whatsoever in our SecDef, and by extension, his boss. The real surprise to me is that the neocon architects of all this mess have turned as well, for different reasons. What I still fail to understand is where they think we some moral duty to change the world to suit ourselves. Can anyone shed some light on that little mind-boggly? F8XMulder, as our token conservative, feel free to jump in and shed some light, if you have any insight here.
  • i practice coffee palm every day
  • "Can anyone shed some light on that little mind-boggly?" They have to prove their manhood because they're all dweebs.
  • Rusmfeld becomes sacrificial scapegoat. Saddam is getting fitted for a new tie. If that doesn't help republicans this 7th., nothing will. Except those buggy voting machines, maybe.
  • Dudes. Seriously, Rummy-san ain't goin' no where no how. Because Dubya can't abide, you dig? If Rummy goes, ShrubCo admits something. And that, my fine furry monkey friends, is NOT going to happen. The meme of Rumsfeld leaving/resigning/being fired is just being trotted out for the elections. Nicely FPP'd though, the Rumsfeld blue. Beau'iful linkage!