November 02, 2006

Knots. So do you know how to tie a Bowline? How about the 14-step Munter Mule? Or bunny ears?. Over 75 knots and how to tie them. Knots for climbing, boating, search and rescue. With cool animations you can actually follow. But before you get carried away, remember the nasty truth about knots.
  • ))) !! As a visual learner, I must say that I love the animation, and the ability to mouse over each individual step.
  • The josephine is my favorite bend. . .
  • Neat knotical post, StoryBored! We should all know how to tie a Monkey's Fist
  • My complaint about nearly all knot sites is that they're organized by name, rather than by function. The Wikipedia article seems to have the right idea. But I like the FPP's excellent illustrations.. the best I've seen anywhere.
  • Oh... on a bright note, let's not forget the loop de loop [youtube].
  • )))!!!
  • Islander that Monkey's Fist is quite something! "Because of its use as a lifeline thrown from boat to boat, this knot was adopted as a symbol of solidarity among the hobo community."
  • Knots to you!
  • Knots in art possibly NSFW if tasteful artistic nudity is NSFW
  • Wow! Super links, there, Plegmund - and most )))-worthy !!!