November 02, 2006

Army Spc kills herself rather than torture. An Army investigation has determined that Army Spc. Alyssa Peterson committed suicide after refusing to participate in torture.

I don't think this poor girl should have killed herself, but I think her actions speak to much more intelligence than anyone that takes part in torture. More Info on Spc. Peterson.

  • There seems to be a contradiction between the information in the first and the second link. Peterson, 27, died of a gunshot wound to the head Monday from what was described as a "non-combat weapons discharge," said Martha Rudd, an Army spokeswoman. The fatality occurred near the northwestern Iraqi town of Tel Afar, about 50 miles southwest of the Turkish border. Rudd and other Army officials said that a number of possible scenarios are being considered, including Peterson's own weapon discharging, the weapon of another soldier discharging or the accidental shooting of Peterson by an Iraqi civilian. And there is a fourth possibility, not mentioned: that she was shot, al la Viet Nam, by a fellow serviceman/servicewoman. So ... exactly how was it determined she killed herself and was not killed?
  • The others said so?
  • Sorry let me clarify. The second link (the screamingeagles link)was just for background information. The first article, that came out today, was a report on the recent outcome of an Army investigation that concluded it was a suicide.
  • According to a link off of Salon (which I can't figure out how to link here so that you don't have to watch a commercial), a suicide note was found on or near her.
  • This is one of the large issues that doesn't get talked about. When the government starts to torture, they have employ people to perform the torture. If the person is okay with performing the torture, they are a psychopath who will eventually out of the military with knowledge that the government condones their fucked mind. If the person isn't okay with performing the torture they are forced to anyways, damaging their psyche until they become fucked up enough where torture is okay.
  • This article has a little more info.
  • Thanks SMT.
  • Thanks, smt. I feel much more confident in the story now.
  • So fucking depressing.
  • But it's not torture The United States does not torture The god-damned president said so Jesus, can't you people listen?
  • I will point at that, no, her suicide note may not have said that she killed herself because of the torture problem, but the report does reflect her conflict from arrival to suicide was over the torture. This was illustrated by the interviews with the other soldiers after her death. Basically if the news paper would have stated just the facts, and said "from this reporters view it appears she killed herself over the torture issue." But since they said it was because of the torture and their was no definitive link between the two, the reports credibility is brought into question, which doesn't make their assumption any less likely. The Army talked to some of Peterson's colleagues. Asked to summarize their comments, Elston told E&P: "The reactions to the suicide were that she was having a difficult time separating her personal feelings from her professional duties. That was the consistent point in the testimonies, that she objected to the interrogation techniques, without describing what those techniques were."
  • The army destroyed all records of interrogation techniques to which she may have objected. This in itself argues to me a cover-up. If the army will cover up that, there's no reason to suppose it will not cover-up other aspects of the matter. An independent, not an army-generated, investigation should be made. I also think fat chance because no one seems to be rocking the boat and making waves. Can't think army investigation of possible army misbehaviour is any way to get to the bottom of things.
  • Are you saying someone ordered the code red?
  • Good for her for refusing her orders (and a shame she found no other way out), but this does not redeem America's bloodthirsty and immoral military even slightly. Those who performed the torture, those who ordered it or allowed it to happen, and their superiors are all equally guilty of war crimes. It will be years and years before I look favorably upon America's military again.
  • "Army Spc kills herself rather than torture" makes it sound like she chose to kill herself over choosing to torture herself. That would be an interesting decision to have to make.
  • Too easy for me bernockle. I'd die first. Of course that's my reflexive response. After careful and measured consideration - I'd die first.