November 02, 2006

Canine gets caned on toads
  • Well, as much as I can't see a need for the dog to curb its habit -- it's not driving the kids to school hopped up on toads or anything -- I admire the dog for its consideration in making this a weekends-only thing. As long as the dog stays away from my beer, it can lick as many toads as it wants.
  • This is damn hilarious. I just sent the link to some friends, who are picking up their Very First Pet Dog right now. Ha. Hope they don't have any toads near their house.
  • I think it's so cruel when dogs are partying and they force their owners to get high. It's pet abuse, plain and simple.
  • This story doesn't surprise me at all. It seems like at least once a week I will walk past a couple of collies around the corner who will be trying to discreetly fire up a bowl. Shave any lab or lab mix's right front leg and you will invariably find more track marks than you can shake a stick at.