November 02, 2006

Duck and Cover, Comrade: 1950's-era Polish Civil Defense film strip.

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  • Part II
  • War readiness of a shelter is accomplished by: - tidying its interior - demolishing unnecessary walls - bricking up useless orifices - covering up with dirt the exterior walls - isolating (making it hermetic) - checking the functionality of the devices and the equipment in the shelter (filtroventilation, motors, bolts, latches, measuring instruments, ventilation valves, etc.) Sounds like my recent surgery. Maybe that's why I've been hearing soft murmuring and beeping sounds.
  • I love the pictures. Great post!
  • "In case there are no marked trails, you should proceed towards less destroyed buildings." Always good advice.
  • And No Smoking! Unless your clothing is on fire, in which case you probably can't help it.
  • Each slide tells you how many people have viewed it. It was fun watching that number decrease as the slides went on. You can see how some slides inspire people to go on a little less than others do.
  • Judging by the happy owls, I'd say Bernockle made it to the end of part I.