November 02, 2006

Tal Cohen's Bookshelf: A Collection of Personal Opinions About Books.

The SF section is what drew my attention first, but there are also sections on fiction, non-fiction and computer science.

  • Very interesting. Thankyou.
  • Who is Tal Cohen?
  • A gift from me to you, glavva.
  • I actually had googled his name, because I google everything, even you! He appears to be some sort of engineer or computer scientist. I didn't read any of the results because none of them had anything to do with literature. I really didn't get any insight into Tal Cohen, and why I should care what he reads.
  • there's also an "about" link on the main bookshelf page, leading to
  • So it is like the Oprah Book Club,for teh intrenets. I will check out the page further.
  • Holy crap I found keys to a new CR-V under one of the reviews. Thanks Tal, you are the greatest.
  • He's just zis guy, you know?