June 15, 2006

Tales by H. Beam Piper are now available online.

Those who remember Piper's work from the fifties and sixties may enjoy getting re-acquainted, while those who aren't already familiar with this SF author can have the pleasure of discovery.

  • " Little Fuzzy ", where the ewoks were ripped off from.
  • In my recollection, it doesn't seem that Lucas ripped off the Ewoks from H. Beam Piper, because the Ewoks originally were gonna be Wookiees, but they didn't have the practical ability to find 30 really tall guys & make all the costumes (Wookiee masks are rather sophisticated compared to the single-piece Ewok heads), so they changed it to little people. Similarity to Fuzzy Sapiens seems coincidental. The attack on the Wookiee planet was one of the earliest elements in the Star Wars script from day 1, & it finally showed up in EP3.
  • As someone who can never find H. Beam Piper in print anymore (Space Viking!!), thank you for this link.
  • I've never heard of him, but reading though Time and Time again, I am fascinated! Thanks!
  • A few galleries of cover art to go with the text.
  • Motifs in fantasy/story/fiction enter the popular imagination/folklore very easily; the curtain is thinner than gauze. Example: the contemporary phenomenon of fanfiction.