June 12, 2006

send a hammer to smash some xenophobic brick Heres a response to the folks that have the right sending bricks to their congressmen to build a freakin' wall around us. Smash the walls of ignorance!
  • $9.95 for what? And it doesn't even let me complete my order!!! *smashes keyboard*
  • Has anyone drawn the rather obvious parallel between this new wall and the old one in Berlin.
  • The Berlin one was built to keep people from leaving.
  • Hey, today it's to keep 'em out, tomorrow...
  • We heard that. **heavy knocking on MonkeyFilter's front door
  • This country was founded on the principles of immigration. *ahem* Legal immigration. Which means doing it the way the country requires it to be done, and not just walking across the border. Hence, the wall. It's not intended to stop people from coming in, only to stop them from coming in illegally. Why does no one seem to make this distinction?