June 12, 2006

Squirrels with vintage cameras.

And the odd chipmunk too. OK, it's not of this quality, but it's not bad. via

  • These squirrels seem very enthusiastic about their hobby. I tried to get the squirrels in my neighborhood interested in glass blowing, but very few of them actually produced any finished pieces. I would be very interested in seeing the pictures taken by these squirrels.
  • I'll raise you an Alligator with desire for teriyaki chicken.
  • I want to see what developed.
  • Does this mean that flying squirrels do aerial photography?
  • Acr0n.
  • NUNIA!! Dammit you owe me a new keyboard.
  • wot is nature trying to tell us? Mr 'Gator's at the front door a hungry galoot now squirrels with cameras are ready to shoot
  • n|_|n14 pwn3d.
  • ?
  • /me buys BlueHorse brand-sparkling-new spit-take-proof keyboard.
  • Heh, mct: I almost didn't catch your 1337-sp34k there. "We got hosed, Tommy. We got hosed."
  • You know they're just going to take pictures of beavers.
  • Better beavers than nuts.