June 12, 2006

Oo-er missus! Its bigger than we thought! Scientists have discovered that a ladys pleasure zone down there is a lot bigger than we first thought. (NSFW if your work doenst like the word "cl1tor1s"!)
  • "The original anatomists weren't interested in the clitoris. The penis was much more interesting. "It was bigger and you didn't have to wear your spectacles to see it."
  • bagina?
  • More info and helpful diagrams available in this instruction manual. Yeah, yeah, I bought a map book. Let's just say that previous girlfriends weren't exactly helpful.
  • I still don't believe it exists.
  • In other news, the G-spot has been discovered to in fact be a G-neighborhood.
  • Marvellous. I shall 'discuss' this with Mrs Dotcom later
  • Time to rename the beastie in recognition of its might and sprawl. I suggest whambangus.
  • "There are repercussions, also, for women who have undergone female genital mutilation." I shudder by the thought when the mutilators find this out.
  • now the clouds have all blown there's no bird left in the sky together we sit, myself and mountain then only the mountain sits alone -- Li Po
  • size doesn't matter
  • Nifty post on a topic I’m always interested in.
  • I like to think on terms of acreage, you see.
  • "There's nothing quite like the shape of a clitoris." All GramMa's old boyfriends used to say that. In my day, we didn't listen to those know-nothing scientists. We relied on experiment and experience. MonkeyFilter: It was bigger, and you didn't have to wear your spectacles to see it.
  • I am SHOCKED
  • Fear ME - the iceberg-like clitoris twenty percent of me's hard-to-miss If you scoff at my power I shall swell up and glower and sneer at your wee epididymis.
  • Subduction leads to orogeny.
  • what is this clitoris you speak of?
  • She’s got huge...tracts of land
  • tracts of land And it ain't fallow, let me tell you.
  • really old news(?). hasnt anyone taken an anatomy class before?
  • Now that I have a bigger target, I'm assuming that I no longer have an excuse for not being able to find it.
  • Yeah, I'm packing. Seriously, I thought this was old news. I remember reading about the massive subcutaneous structure of the clitoris at least ten years ago.
  • From the linked article: The idea had been that the clitoris is more than just its glans - the "little hill" but Dr O'Connell discovered the mistake 17 years ago. And from here: "Finding the Clitoris" Broadcast Saturday 5/09/98 Summary: Well, it's not too hard find, because according to the latest research, the clitoris is ten times larger in anatomical extent that the medical literature has traditionally shown. This research was done by urological surgeon, Dr Helen O'Connell and was published in the American Urological Association Journal of Urology, 1998, Vol.159, 1892/1897, June 1998. And while we're at it -- take it away, Shawna!
  • Funny, this post is is a lot smaller than I'd first thought it would get.
  • Ha, how many times I've.... oh crap.