June 12, 2006

Giant meteorite hits Norway. A big rock from outer space just crashed into a mountain in Norway. Any monkeys ever been within hearing/seeing distance of a meteorite strike? Any Norwegian monkeys see or hear this one?

Er... Skrik? You're OK, right?

  • A couple more links for the curious: meteorite information site that quotes Coleridge; also, will Norway now have one of these?
  • What to do if you find a freshly fallen meteorite.
  • I am so drunk
  • What to do? I would first put on my aluminum foil headgear to prevent the rays from affecting my thought patterns, and then I'd have to figure out who to call when they say, "Take me to your leader." Sure as heck ain't gonna be Bush!
  • Cool. Hope no one was hurt.
  • What to do if you find a freshly fallen meteorite. You don't pick it up and put it under your pillow...
  • Medusa, if you were THAT drunk, you wouldn't be able to type. Have a couple more shots and get back to us.
  • Flagpole, if you do put it under your pillow, does the Meteorite Fairy leave you a quarter?
  • And GramMa: if they're the brain-eating kind, lead 'em straight to the White House... they'll starve.
  • Yes. Meterorite strike, nope. Big flaming meteor, yes. Sometime in the late eighties I had taken a cab out to the outskirts of town to my parents' house, knowing that they were out of town. I'd called ahead for a pizza and had planned on spending a night in the air-conditioned house watching some movies. However, I forgot my keys. So I hung out in the driveway until the pizza showed up and went to the back porch to eat it before walking someplace I could cab back into town from. As I sat on the dark porch eating pizza and feeling like a dope, the night suddenly brightened, as though someone had turned on an arc light in the distance. Looking around for the source of the light, I eventually cast my eyes skyward where I watched a brilliant greenish fireball with clearly visible firey flickers rolled across the sky for several seconds. No bang or rumble followed it, so I assume it burned up very high in the atmosphere. Someone I told the story to once speculated that the meteor must have had a high copper and phosphorus content.
  • Way cool, Mr. Bark. That would have been so great to see that meterorite in Norway, but I wouldn't want to hang around in the cold waiting for it. And I don't want to be underneath the big one. Pallas, I thought the consensus was that a meteorite landed in what is now the Gulf of Mexico, and that's what did in all the dinos. Things that fall out of the sky are scary. Heehee, brain-eating aliens, ain't dat da truf. Starve to death, indeed.
  • I'm Norwegian (by birth, not by nationality), the wife of an astrophysicist, and the Old Woman Meteorite was found right next to my grandmother's house. Taking all of these into consideration, you'd think I would have had a close encounter of the space rock kind, but I haven't. I only get space cred by proxy.
  • I've also seen a very large green fireball like mwhybark saw. This was about 10 years ago. Mine made a whooshing/roaring sound. No joke. Apparently they are very often green. No idea why.
  • Cos of all the little green men, that's why.
  • Huge crater in Antarctica.
  • I see shooting stars at night from time to time, but have never heard anything. They've appeared to be smallish, insofar as I can judge size without other reference points being visible.
  • The probable site of impact is practically unpopulated (except for hikers, and, in the winter, snow mobile riders), so finding the crater (if any) will be quite difficult.
  • This meteorite killed me. It shot a hole the size of Utah in my underpants, and that was it for this monkey. Seriously, though, it fell about 300 miles north of here. If I had heard it, I wouldn't be writing this. It might have killed a reindeer, though. Or even Satan Bashi.
  • Or even Santa Bashi
  • Whew! Skrik's OK. Takes more than a giant falling rock to put a dent in tha Skrikster. Sorry about your underwear, though. Can they be repaired?
  • Satan Bashi /mind boggles
  • I'm going commamdo. Satan Bashi hasn't foind his place on the map yet... hmmm.
  • Well, there's going comMANdo and going comMAMdo. Guess we know what color undies Skrik prefers. so pretty in pink!
  • An "oh shit" unique moment.