June 09, 2006

The Bilderberg Group are meeting this week in Ottawa, Canada. Who are they?. What do they do? Conspiracy theories abound. Previous discussion.
  • John Kerry? Who dat? And it's nice to see Beatrix back in town. See some old sights, revisit old haunts -- it'll put her mind at ease, given what a rough ride it's been owning Shell lately.
  • Hey, I'm in Ottawa too this weekend. Coincidence? O, and there's also the Naked Bike Ride. Coincidence?
  • With a name like Bilderberg, it has to be good!
  • I'm scared that Bob Saget could be one of the invitees.
  • This is just...usually it seems they meet at chateaus, resorts...and now they're at the Brookstreet. You cannot be cool and secretive and conspiring at the Brookstreet. It's pretty ugly and is just a building stuck in a horrid, empty part of the city. It's actually really hilarious to imagine. Love it. Bet they don't get as much done this year as usual, or something.
  • Notable member of Bilderberg: Frank McKenna, former premier of New Brunswick, Canada. Keep the cabal on its toes, Frank. Q: Also how do you tell who's coming to the Bilderberg meeting? A: They have a little lowercase "b" stitched on their luggage. (I kid ye not, this was reported by the local newspaper, the Ottawa Citizen).
  • oh and livii, the meeting with Angela Merkel has been moved to Tuesday afternoon, which will allow the Star Chamber more time to discuss your proposal re: the neutralization of the ...oh, er....I mean....nice weather we're having here!
  • The Patriots?