June 09, 2006

The amazing (but true!) journey of a can of S & W® brand black beans as they make their way across this great land of ours, and to other nations!

From one of Saddam's palaces to the Vatican, this is one well-traveled can 'o beans. Well now, it's not really the same can of beans, but one would hope. Some people have way too much time... And I searched, I searched! *hopes it's not a double*

  • ... as seen through the "eyes" of a can of black beans ... Potatoes have eyes but never have seen what greets the gaze of the travelling black bean. /BurpaShave?
  • Beans been everywhere, man Beans been everywhere, man ... Of travel beans had their share, man Beans been everywhere Beans been to: Reno Chicago Fargo Minnesota Buffalo Toronto Winslow Sarasota Wichita Tulsa Ottawa Oklahoma Tampa Panama Mattawa LaPaloma Bangor Baltimore Salvador Amarillo Tocapillo Barranquilla And Padilla Beans been to: Boston Charleston Dayton Louisiana Washington Houston Kingston Texarkana Monterey Fairaday Santa Fe Tallapoosa Glen Rock Black Rock Little Rock Oskaloosa Tennessee Tennessee Chicopee Spirit Lake Grand Lake Devil's Lake Crater Lake Beans been to: Louisville Nashville Knoxville Ombabika Schefferville Jacksonville Waterville Costa Rock Pittsfield Springfield Bakersfield Shreveport Hackensack Cadillac Fond du Lac Davenport Idaho Jellico Argentina Diamantina Pasadena Catalina Beans been to: Pittsburgh Parkersburg Gravelbourg Colorado Ellensburg Rexburg Vicksburg Eldorado Larimore Adimore Haverstraw Chatanika Shasta Nebraska Alaska Opalacka Baraboo Waterloo Kalamazoo Kansas City Sioux City Cedar City Dodge City Of travel beans had their share, man Beans been everywhere
  • sing ho! for the bean we celebrate the festal can of cooked black fruit from the lowly bean you fix yours your way I'll fix mine mine they keep my stomach from touching my spine
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  • Beans been everywhere, man Beans been everywhere, man You know, if Johnny Cash and Tom Petty had gone on tour together, they could have called it the "Petty Cash Tour." Just sayin'.
  • I just found out about the black bean tree. With colourful pods.