June 08, 2006

Baby left for dead is all grown up. A moving true tale.
  • Good link! That girl has had so many parents leave her, voluntarily or not, that it's good she's found a stable home.
  • wow, what an amazing story. due to her abandoned beginning, losing an adoptive mom, then, losing her dad, then nearly losing her sis, i bet this girl has some serious abandonment issues to deal with. what an strong and courageous young woman. i bet she does great things in her life.
  • What a great story! I wish every state would pass a Safely Surrendered Baby Law.
  • What a wonderful story.
  • She has a great attitude and outlook. Being adopted myself I often wonder who my birth mother is/was, where I came from, etc. I can relate in a sense - but at the same time I was not left in a paper bag on the side of the interstate in the cold of winter. Her story is certainly inspirational.
  • SMT - for most of us who weren't adopted, lineage only becomes important when we get old. If you have any information that might give a clue to your origins, I might be able to find on-line sources that would help, unless you've mined those already. Email is in my profile.
  • I read this in the paper the other day while at a restaurant for lunch and had to surreptiously get out a tissue afterwards. It's incredibly inspirational. Nice post.