June 06, 2006

Curious Globetrotting Husband George: #2 has another question for y'all. He's been asked to attend some training in Chicago around June 26th, and is trying to find useful work-related stuff to do at the same time. Does anyone know of or can anyone recommend any embedded software, software process or safety system-related conferences in the US around then?
  • Something like this? How about Java related conferences? This one is a bit early, June 20th (from LynuxWorks' calendar). Another Linux conference calendar.
  • Hmm, they look promising. I'll pass them on. You are such a font of information!
  • She is a librarian, you know.
  • SHHHHH!!!!!
  • *adjusts bun, glasses chain*
  • He works too damn much. Tell him to go to a Cubs game and enjoy himself.
  • Evacuate? In their moment of triumph? I think you overestimate quid's chances!
  • Cub-bies! Cub-bies! Cub-bies! Cub-bies! They're the finalists, with the Mets, in the Captain's search for a team to "replace" his beloved Expos... Pauvre Expos...
  • I don't suppose any monkeys are going to the DSN conference in Philadelphia?
  • Dude, the Cubs or the Mets? Those are your choices? That's like choosing between being raped by Zombie Hitler or having your eyes gnawed out by rabid chipmunks. /Go Cards
  • tracicle - the DSN like points to Monkeyfilter. (Heh, heh, heh. Tracicle cuts and pastes the html for links. I only guess that because it's exactly what I do. I feel so much better about myself.)
  • link
  • Oops. I do indeed cut 'n' paste. However on this occasion I mistyped the "=" sign in the anchor tag. What a n00b.
  • Tracy please give me the paste you sniff this place with and the non-toxic crayons for Chy. Thanks.
  • "Dude, the Cubs or the Mets? Those are your choices?" Yeah, those are my choices. Cubbies because they represent the 'purest' form of baseball, the oldest form in baseball, when baseball is about nothing else but the past -- although the business itself is ignoring that. The Mets because they have a lot of parallels to the Expos -- shit team in a shit stadium, but everyone gets together to root for their shit team even though they know that deep down, they're shit. Because baseball is about nothing else but shared commiseration. And they've still got Mookie (in a way). Mookie, dude. So that's why the Cubbies and the Mets. Still haven't decided. "Cards." Pfft. They couldn't even beat Boston... Sheesh. What does it take to lose to Boston..?
  • Must. Destroy. Renault.