June 05, 2006

In homage of our good friend aluminum foil. We use it often, yet we so rarely stop to admire it's shiny foily-ness. What can you do with foil?

You can wrap a whole apartment (but watch out if you do), decorate your car, avoid mind control (the effectiveness of this is disputed), use foil in diy projects, use it in science projects,make special crafts... the list goes on and on. Oh, and you can also, you know, make food and store food with it. If you want to be wacky.

  • I make those foil tubey doodad art things that Dr McCoy had in his sick bay.
  • I like to wad it up in little balls pop them in my mouth and chew on them!
  • I make little foil envelopes, wherein I put my magic powders.
  • An essential ingredient in the production of 'hydrogen bombs' as employed by inquisitive teenage geeks. Foil + Drano + water = hydrogen gas Combine in a sturdy bottle, place balloon over bottle top. When inflated, tye off ballon with string leaving a long tail. Light string and release balloon. Best effects at night. Not recommended during forest fire season.
  • By the way, thanks for the 'how products are made' site. Quite a good little time-waster, that.
  • You can create a little cell phone holder to protect your ding-a-ling from all those cancer rays.
  • Aluminium foil is also sometimes used in the training of cats; as cats have an inborn dislike of either the texture or noise caused by sheets of aluminium foil, it is possible to prevent cats from jumping on or otherwise damaging furniture by covering its surfaces. Aluminium foil is also used in tinfoil hats which purportedly reduce the effects of "mind control rays". Must be true--I read it on Wikipedia! Chewing on foil is gross! But making those fake braces like we used to do in second grade is teh kewl.
  • ... but not if you had real ones.
  • Had a cat that loved to chase and fetch foil balls for hours, so I am skeptical of that. Daresay only cats with amalgam fillings dislike chewing foil.
  • But it turned out that "cat" wasn't a cat at all but a giant rat! It happened to a friend of a friend of mine, I swear!
  • Before the so-called digital age, one could get free Showtime movies by fashioning foil around some antenna wire. I like to wad it up in little balls pop them in my mouth and chew on them! You just sent a searing pain from the two metal fillings in my mouth to my spinal cord and back. Thanks un-!
  • Curses! Again!
  • (that "how products are made" link deserves it's own FPP y'know)
  • ohhhh..I hoard bits of foil, crimp them together to make larger bits and use them. I have pieces that have been washed so many times, they're nearly fabric-like in softness. islander's prescription for a really fun foil project is an excellent one. Over water is the ONLY way to do it, though. (hyper-concious of fire danger)
  • I only use it on polynomials.
  • You tease.
  • You could make a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl.