May 23, 2006

Scientists pour molten metal down ants' nests.
Pouring red-hot aluminum in the bottom of a 2-meter pit runs the risk of having ones socks catch on fire from the radiant heat.
Those wacky scientists. Via
  • Harvester Ants? You sure they aren't Fire Ants? Enh? ENH? Because of the molen metal, I mean? HENH? Seriously, though. Neat.
  • Yeah! Deal with SCIENCE you little bastards! Nifty way of mapping the ant pad layout. I suppose we'll be pissed when the Aliens do it to us.
  • These are really cool. And I would want to pour molten metal into a Fire Ant nest. Not to see the shape of the shape of the nest, you understand, but to fry those fuckers.
  • Gargle on molten metal, puny humans!
  • "For every 10-fold increase in the number of mature workers, the area increases 7.5-fold. The space per workers therefore decreases as nests grow." I think they are talking about my old office. Then again, nobody there was particularly mature.
  • That's what those little bastards get for growing grapes on the flanks of an aluminum volcano. (Pyro-sarcastic flow.)
  • Clastic humor, nunia.
  • Like seeing a new species of plant. Most impressive.
  • I also like fulgerites
  • If Ortho takes interest in this idea, I'm buying stock.
  • These look totally cool.. but .. poor ants!
  • And I for one welcome our new molten aluminum overlords. I'd like to remind them as a trusted blogophant, I could be useful in rounding up other monkeys to post in their usenet binary groups.
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  • rec.arts.ant-holocaust
  • Kyle Reese: Listen. And understand. The Ant Terminator has risen up out of the ground. It's out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It has a hive mind and doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until it gets into your cookie jars.
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  • ant-abuse finally makes the news melted metal pours in every door gonna settle down in ant-i antsy town heavy metal sizzling scientists' socks a-sizzlin (o honey could ye ask for more MELLOW DRAMA?) but what else is a scientist for?
  • I have two ant colonies in my yard that have been there for several years. These are the large black ants that pack a serious punch to their bite. (My wife wondered why I hated them so much... until one bit her on the shoulder and her entire arm felt like it was on fire.) These colonies have withstood all attempts to eradicate them... this would be some sweet payback on the little bastards.
  • Don't those scientists know that aluminum could give the ants Alzheimer's disease?
  • Or it could give them technology.
  • I also like fulgerites Yeah, gotta love those lightning-baked rocks. Siliceous and delicious! In other news: ant hills in your area are purchasing lightning rods in record numbers.
  • Curses, FOILED again?
  • Damn, there's a platinum album waiting to be made amongst all the poetry and freeverse in this thread. Where's record producer Bruce Dickinson? I want to be wearing gold-plated diapers next year!
  • I've got ants in my pants and some red-hot aluminum's down there, too, baby...
  • MonkeyFilter: It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It has a hive mind and doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. Way cool shapes. A fiery volcano of ant death--me likes!
  • PHASE IV!!!!!!
  • Hath not a hive hands? Murderers!
  • Whither aluminum?