May 03, 2006

Ask a Ninja. You got questions? Ninja got answers! Plus -- Ninja pickup lines!
  • oh wow, that was amazing.
  • Be sure to watch "Can Ninjas catch colds?" Brilliant. "Here I am, sitting on top of a hydrogen molecule..." Heh heh.
  • heee - that was quite entertaining.
  • I saw you punting for traffic over at the LA Meetup thread, so I thought I'd pop over and take a look. Sometimes posts with the lowest comment count are the most interesting or thought provoking. They leave nothing to say but the rather naf: '.' thing. So don't worry too much
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  • Hehe. fun. Some FPPs don't need comments. Hai!
  • Hee. I saw this a few months ago... but I think his material's gotten a lot better. I geek out a lot.
  • So '.' means that we have nothing to say? I thought it was an expression of apathy used only when second-rate movie stars kick the bucket. Oh. And ninjas rock. Especially a Doctor McNinja, the Doctor Who is Also a Ninja.
  • Please ignore the man behind the curtain.
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  • a mate told me about this just recently. what I have seen has pleased me significantly.
  • There's a new one up. "Anyone who thinks the French don't have a sense of humour, has never seen anyone guillotined." Heh.
  • Another great, new one. "Ninja Excuses". "The Make-A-Death Foundation basically give dying kids a chance to take somebody with them..." Check it out. You love ninjas. You just don't want to admit it.
  • BBQ!