February 26, 2004

Raiding the 20th Century Raiding the 20th Century is a mashup created by Strictly Kev. It is probably one of the greatest things I ever got from Metafilter. Download, listen, and be amazed. (Warning, 54MB download).
  • mirror needed. Downloading from Boomselection's erratic at best, and it seems to be very bad right now.
  • If you get naked, it's faster.
  • I've never felt so free, or gotten such good throughput. Thanks, Nostrildamus.
  • Not sure of the validity of either since they are old... Torrent Link EDonkey Both taken from the Metafilter post
  • Really awesome stuff - you notice something new every time you listen to it. Thanks a lot.
  • Okay, someone care to dumb this down for those of us that are downloading spazzes? I can't get it, hell I can't even find it on Kazaa.
  • keith: go here, scroll down to the feb. 7th entry and rightclick the first link marked "here". Goto "Save TargetAs" on the pulldown menu, specify where you want to save it and then click save. Let it download and then load it. I'm presuming you have a windows based pc. Otherwise, I can't help ya. I love this mix by the by, been playing it nonstop for weeks.
  • Thanks - Now why wasn't a working link provided on the front page? Anyways cheers.
  • Thanks - Now why wasn't a working link provided on the front page? The final link works (Download, listen, and be amazed). This is good, too.
  • Sadly in the same manner as The Grey Album this is also the kind of artistic expression that will be threatened by the far-reaching claims of copyright trademark and infringement. I sit on the fence most of the time in these issues, but then I hear music like this and wonder why some things can't just be free and donation accepted?
  • Thanks for posting this, I never got around to getting it on metafilter, and I was just thinking about digging through the archives. I like the DJ Food stuff and assorted other experiments by DJ's -- singular and collaborative -- who are better than me. You all might try checking out shadow and cut chemists "brain freeze" and "product placement" if you like stuff like this, assuming you havnt already.
  • This is amazing. It flows together suprisingly well. I guess I missed seeing it on MeFi. Thanks!