February 03, 2006

I Pity the Fool that Plays Checkers Against Me. (Wma video file). Friday Fun. And really quite similar to this
  • You can do long jumps like that across 4 or 5 spaces? I always thought a checker jump was just over your neighbor onto the opposite square.
  • were those bon bons? Man, that game wouldn't last long around here.
  • lol!
  • But, but... are there any rules? Python analogy apt. And funny. But what about that game? Brain hurt.
  • They look like chocolates, but they click like checkers. Maybe they're crunchy-frog flavor. Anyway, I think these guys are on the jazz
  • Anyway, I think these guys are on the jazz Teh funnay! I'm going to start calling it that all the time! In fact, I'm going to go get "on the jazz" right now. bubblebubblebubblebubblesuuucccckkkcoughcough
  • It was a game of martini olives vs Oreo halves..right?
  • Once kinged, the piece can travel as far as it would like, so long as it jumps an opponents piece.
  • Maybe it's been way too long since I played checkers, but I'm pretty damn sure that when my brothers and I played there weren't that many pieces on the board, and for some reason I remember only moving diagonally... am I smoking crack here or what?
  • No crack, CLF! I'm not sure what rules are being used here but it could be a Turkish checkers variant. In Turkish checkers, you can move horizontally and vertically.