February 02, 2006

New Bettie Page Movie Trailer Gretchen Mol will play Bettie Page in an upcoming biopic in April.

I do believe that it is all safe or work.

  • You've been practicing.
  • That took me over an hour, I think.
  • GAH! Quicktime won't work on my stupid Windows 98! CURSE YOU WINDOWS 98!!! I knew this was coming, and got all excited about this trailer, then -- nuthin. Those two taped episodes of Girls Club is doing little to sate my hunger for Gretchen...
  • The trailers aren't working for me either and I know my Quicktime works just fine,having just tested it. Broken trailer links, perhaps?
  • Hubba hubba! Bettie Page fans might like Lavay Smith .
  • I was able to view the trailer just fine. And then the windshield wiper that I had installed on my monitor worked just fine, too.
  • Between this post and Medusa's blog, I predict that bernockle will soon be singlehandedly supporting the Hefty Lawn & Leaf Bag market.
  • bernockle, there is a thumbnail on the Vampress site (youy "by" link) that is topless.
  • But great job! Very nice.
  • Gah! Your "in" link! Sorry.
  • Never realized how much Gretchen-with-black-hair looks like Parker Posey. This presents interesting possibilities. *taps fingertips together nefariously* Yessssss... possibilities indeed...
  • I loves me Bettie Page.
  • Lavay Smith (and her redhot skillet lickers) provide absolutely kickass entertainment, if you ever have a chance to see them perform, do NOT pass it up! they are super hot!!
  • I LOVE all things Bettie Page!
  • This movie actually played in my town about... oh, about a week and a half ago? But it played on the university campus, and we... kinda... forgot... to... go.
  • (I know it's not out yet - the Wexner Center at OSU is an arts organization, and Christine Vachon of Killer Films, whose project it was at least partially, was having a retrospective that was capped off with a showing of the new movie.)
  • stoner.
  • I was shocked just now to find out that Bettie Page did nude shots. Then I felt stupid for not knowing.
  • I cast thee OUT!
  • Ah, Mr. Knick, your link to said photos is broken. *cough*
  • I got a framed picture of Bettie Boop as a gift recently, and I want to get a Bettie Page in a similar pose to put next to it. (and next to the picture of Jesus playing baseball) I'm looking forward to the movie.
  • Mmmmm, Bettie Page... /smacks lips, leers
  • Bettie at 80.
  • I'd hit it.
  • Interview in Toro with my Mol. Interview is lacking, but the pictures sure are purdy.