February 02, 2006

The Dune Of Alexandro Jodorosky (short article, but the concept artwork is amazing)
  • I was only thinking yesterday, "whatever happened to Chris Foss?" whom I thought did the best 70's sci-fi paperback covers. Perhaps I should add that to the synchronicity thread. But on topic, I'm glad Jodorosky's Dune never got made, because he had some strange ideas, like Paul getting killed at the end and everyone taking off their stillsuits to reveal they all have the face of Paul and they say "you cannot kill Muad'dib because we are all Muad'dib" or some-such coke-driven 70s balloney.
  • Yeah, it probably would have been a mess. It would have been excellent, though, if only for Feyd Rautha's big penis sword
  • Also, a Chris Foss gallery for you, Chyren
  • Winged Undies were better.
  • I still want to see Foss' designed ships in a sci-fi movie. It's how I imagine all my sci-fi ships. Massive, wasp-coloured and non-symetrical.
  • Leto looks like Lion-O from the Thundercats
  • What a shame the Jacobs version never got done. It might have been the movie that paved the way for the big-budget sci-fi explosion instead of Star Wars. The Jodorosky concept doesn't sound too awfully far from the Lynch/De Laurentiis specatcle we ended up with. Oh, by the way...I WILL KILL YOU!
  • I was going to say, if anybody's read the series of books, each book gets a little bit more into something like coke-driven madness anyway. Toward the end, it's like having your own hallucinations without the fun of getting high.
  • It's been a lng time since I read the books, but I honestly don't remember Rabban being a hermaphrodite.
  • Ah, those films-not-to-be... good thing Cobb and Foss' artwork on the Alien film was unleashed on the masses. Along with Giger's.
  • Both Giger and Scott agreed that at no time should the creature be fully revealed If only more scary-movie makers would adopt that attitude...don't they realize that the unseenis far more frightening that anything that can be visualized?
  • Well, we also can't forget Giger's Dune.
  • I had no idea Moebius did concept art for a Dune movie. This is cool! )))!!!
  • "...at no time should the creature be fully revealed..." That is the most fundamental aspect of horror filmmaking. It's a pain in the arse that these guys should get off looking like they invented that concept.
  • It's the fundamental aspect of GOOD horror filmmaking. And even if they didn't invent it, they're one of the tiny minority with the good sense to use it.
  • So Feyd is a woman in this version or just some kind of transexual?