February 01, 2006

Ultimate Timeline Collection A very highly detailed, and large collection of timelines all the way from the Big Bang up to present day.
  • this is way cool! ))))
  • From Timeline 1 C - 299 C In Laos stone jars at the Plain of Jars that measured on average 10-feet high and 9-feet wide are believed to be 2,000 years old and to have been used for burials. Only 300 jars are intact due to the bombing during the 1960s Vietnam War. (so sad) Nazca, Peru. The Owl Man was dug out of a dry hillside with one arm pointing to the sky and the other to earth. This is so way cool--I wish they'd provided linkies, I'd hate to be responsible for wearing out the google.
  • ))) !!! c1300 China introduced books around this time Hooray!
  • Nice try, Mister Scientist, but we know that the Earth is only 6000 years old.
  • History is teh cool.