February 01, 2006

Curious George - York Any monkeys in, around, or can travel to York?

I will be in York (UK) from Monday for nearly two weeks. I have little to do and loads of money; and would like to see the sights, go to the theatre, eat in decent restaurants, etc. But I don't want to do it all alone. Any takers?

  • little to do and loads of money sure, fly me out and I'll be your personal medieval tourguide for the fortnight!
  • OK, not that much money. But nearly. I'm buying dinner and tickets.
  • ok, so I thought "who would want to go to Yorkshire in February??" but now I see that for you it would be a balmy trip to the tropics...I wish I could fly over, I've long desired to see York and environs (ok, I also really want to romp around on the moors a la Catherine Ernshaw, but NOT in winter!) please be sure to see York Minster a particularly fine example of gothic architecture.
  • I haven't been to York since 1978.
  • I hear there's a Grand Old Duke who's got a couple of guys handy.
  • Chiz,. to be in Yorkshire now that February's there -- if you set foot in Yorkshire put on wooly underwear.
  • Mmhhh, wool.
  • (York Minster -- is that the cathedral that was built on a raft in a bog? That was so much bigger than the town that the nave was used as the main street? Which church am I thinking of?) (Medieval English Lit was an eight o'clock class. I've forgotten a fair bit. Unfortunately, Piers the Ploughman remains firmly lodged.)
  • ...Piers the Ploughman remains firmly lodged... I'll bet he does...
  • It is not for nothing he is known as the York Monster.
  • Oooooh, York-- one of my favourite places. I second York Minster, especially the Octagon Chamber with its weird grotesques and echoey acoustics. Also, it's worth walking around on top of the city walls. And have tea in Betty's Tea Room. In fact, have tea just about anywhere-- they know about cream teas up north. And get a bacon sandwich from that little tiny shop at one end of the bridge. Ramble in the Shambles! Tromp around on the moors! Go to Knaresborough and see the petrifying well! (And email if you like-- address in profile.) and don't blame York for Piers Ploughman-- he's from Worcestershire. Where the sauce comes from.
  • Go on a ghost tour. Touristy, not scary but interesting and funny. Drink in pubs that have been there since before the Civil War. Keep shouting 'Eh up! Ecky Thump' at the locals. They love it.
  • Haven't been to York for a long time. I see the Jorvik Centre is still going. I always found it a bit of a disappointment though. And the queues were enormous. Also, why you all hating on Piers Plowman? I thought it was rather good, and pretty funny in parts.
  • Oh fortunate Skirk! The wife and I visited York maybe 5 years back. We travel a lot and it remains one of our fondest memories. Enjoy yourself.
  • I also really want to romp around on the moors a la Catherine Ernshaw, but NOT in winter! Maybe the winter of your discontent would be made glorious summer by some son of York.
  • once again, TUM proves her brilliance!! I really like the way you think, undie. perhaps some strapping young Yorkshire lad (operative word here YOUNG) could play Heathcliff to my Catherine and we can figure out what all of that pre-Victorian subtext was really about...oh yeah!!
  • I was there last weekend, and enjoyed the Yorkshire Museum. I quite liked the 'evil eye' pub/internet cafĂ©/cocktail bar/cinema/restaurant/off licence - if only because a place that can be that indecisive about their trade is heartwarming...