January 29, 2006

Curious, George: Help me find two short bizarre cartoons!

I saw these cartoon on AFRTS sometime between 1984-88 while in southern Spain (at the time they showed short foreign cartoons between shows, no commercials). The cartoons were possibly Eastern European in origin, but there is no dialogue to tell for sure. Cartoon One: A man is standing on the roof of a building, thinking of jumping. A crowd gathers below, growing bigger and bigger. The TV station shows up. Finally two paramedics climb the stairs to the roof and coax the man away from the edge. The crowd below gets rowdy, so they start chasing the man, and end up pushing him off the roof to satisfy the crowd. The End. Cartoon Two: Two men travel to an island that is filled with robotic crabs. The crabs have been designed eat metal and attack each other, and the winner uses the parts from the loser crab to make himself bigger/modified. Eventually there's only one giant robotic crab left. He kills one of the men because he tries to eat him for the metal buttons on his jumpsuit. The other man strips off, jumps into a lifeboat and floats away. The giant robotic crab starts cannibalizing itself. The End. If you can help, may the FSM bless you!

  • Hmmm. I'm not going to tell you.
  • Are you sure these weren't dreams you had?
  • I find the fact that mojojojo is looking for other bizarre cartoons to be utterly bizarre. Maybe it's his latest plot to dominate Townsville? I'm calling Professor X to get the girls in on this.
  • I went on a date once that was a lot like the second cartoon, except without the giant metal-eating crab robots. I did end up naked, though.
  • Lara: I'm sure they weren't dreams, my brother saw them as well. es el Queso: I'm a girl! ;)
  • i know exactly what these two cartoons are and where to find them but i'm not telling you
  • Why won't you guys tell me?!? I'll make you banana puddin!
  • :goes to her lab high above Monkeyfilterville to build a Tell-Me-Now-Ray to shoot at chyren and sexyrobot:
  • Mojo--can I help you pound them into make them banana pudding?
  • Sure thing BlueHorse - I need all the help I can get!