January 27, 2006

Baltimore Meetup: monkeys wanted. Tonight (Jan 27, 7pm) at Club Charles.

MetaTalk thread.

  • He can have mine. After being immortalised on a bra, I think my like is complete. Unless, of course, you want to give me a shoutout using my nom de guerre 'The Loo-tenant'.
  • life. Obv.
  • "I am completely in love with you, Bobby. Do you love me?" "I do not. I think my like is complete."
  • Like's what you make it.
  • Give me like or lichen.
  • Like is but a dream.
  • Like is for living. /Sherbet
  • kiss me, dearie, do I've waited a liketime for you ...and you...and you /waggles antennae suggestively
  • Did this happen? Id so- dammit- I live close to B'more
  • if so (sigh)
  • Like is like a box of chocolates...
  • ow! how I wench my cranium to contemplate the halflike of uranuim
  • ummmm...are there any monkeys in baltimore?
  • Like's a bitch.