December 16, 2005

Too... much... cuteness! Having a grouchy day? Check out the cute. Just make sure you've got some coffee or salty foods to help cut the sweetness. (I mean this. The cute is overwhelming.)

Still think you're a tough guy, eh? Then how about Adorablog, or Cats in Sinks, or a fix of Daily Kitten? You could get the story straight from the "lion's" mouth at Blogging Cat. When all else fails, you can always head over to Kitten War or Rate My Kitten. Kitties not your thing? How about bunnies or puppies? Mofi has been very genial of late, so this post is not meant to imply that people have been grouchy and need kittens. I stumbled across these sites today in an effort to empty the end-of-semester crazy stress from my brain.