November 21, 2005

Monkey Washes Cat ... donkey rinses, I presume. [Embedded QT] [via]
  • What th'? What were those people saying in the background - was that Klingon? Y'know it'd almost make sense if it was.
  • Like we haven't seen that happen a thousand times before! Arf!
  • I think you mean "meow", or perhaps "ook". "Arf" is simply not appropriate in this context.
  • Shhh Koko - you know he's a bit sensitive about his accent. I'm sure he meant "meow"
  • I never realized chimps could speak cat language.
  • I'm opening up a special can o' whup-ass RIGHT NOW!
  • Kit, would you like me to heat up that whup-ass for you? Need some ketchup? Here's your napkin and fork. I hope you can finish the whole thing, because there will be NO poptarts for the kitfisto's that start what they can't finish.
  • Ketchup!? Whup-ass is a dijon delicacy.
  • The whup-ass is finished, now I'm movin on to my panzerfaust surprise..., can I have the chocolate poptart? Me's don't like the fruit ones... Fanks.