October 14, 2005

Amazing. I knew nothing about this. Apparently I was oblivious in 2002.

Lava goes trundling through the middle of a major city, and it was news to me. More images and background.

  • I knew about it.
  • Interesting that they mention Lake Kivu, which is a risk for Limnic Eruption. This is where gases stored under pressure at cold depths of a lake are disturbed so that they suddenly burst out of the lake. A limnic eruption from Lake Nyos in Cameroon killed about 1800 people in 1986. And Kivu is much larger than Nyos and is surrounded by a much larger population.
  • Get your news from BBC's website and/or other European sources vs. wherever you're getting it now and you'll learn all sorts about stuff like this. [example: CNN's US page doesn't mention the attacks in Russia today]. The American media was (and still is) going nuts about possible terrorist attacks and celebrity bullshit stories.
  • Notice that the liberal MSM didn't mention that two abortion clinics were also wiped out by the lava, making it seem that the righteousness of God's wrath was merely an unfortunate random occurrence.
  • I like this post. It's nearly 4 years old. Absolutely fan-tastic. In other news! OMG!
  • The Titanic sunk? I hope President Taft has someone's head for this.
  • Wait... liberals believe in God('s wrath)?
  • Earthquake?!?! Good lord, someone send helicopters to San Fran quick!!
  • (birdherder has always been my favourite MoFi name)
  • Get a room.
  • Y'know just once it'd be nice to jerk off in peace! *SLAM!*
  • It was big news at the time. Saw it on NBC news over several days.
  • Huh, out of the loop, that's me. next time I'll just post photos of the pretty lava and be done with it, sheesh
  • events have to be current and fashionable to bother about, now? i haven't been able to take in most of the last few months yet and was just still finding out if people i knew in some old disaster were ok *sigh* i'll never be cool *catches up on mofi '02*
  • I didn't know about it either. At least, I don't remember knowing about it. Thanks for all the good links!
  • I hear Pompeii has had it pretty rough lately too. Fox didn't mention though, surprise surprise!!
  • Hi, ethylene!