October 13, 2005

Hey Lookit! Robots! Pick out the one you like or the one that looks the most like you.
  • Mike..is the most like me. oO
  • So cool! I'd love to get Mike for #2 (being as they have the same name and all) but $800 is just a little in the pricy side. I reckon I could build him one out of all the crappy old bits of electronics he has lying around, anyway. *sigh*
  • I wish robotics developers would make them look like this. There's no reason you can't do science with style.
  • I like DeJur.
  • This one has an air of mystery, romance and danger about it, so is obviously me.
  • This is Chy, because it's angry and green and has exposed wiring.
  • This could be George W. Bush, but I'm not sure why.
  • I look like Rambler, suitably enough.
  • Megger has my hair.
  • they all look like me...just not as sexy...