October 10, 2005

  • Now this could work for single guys if it could smell like strawberries, lower the mood lighting and play some D'Angelo.
  • Tangentially related, but I always wanted one of these. In other news, Thinkgeek is still in business.
  • That has been a personal fear, the fact that nowadays, cars have so much electronics it's getting likely to stop them given some specialized hardware. Forget trigger-happy or corrupt cops, what about when this tech slips down to the street and carjackings begin with a microwave blast, from some home-made gizmo?
  • Developed by Doctor Heller, I assume?
  • Very interesting, and only improved by the educational use of stick figures for illustration.
  • Non-lethal? Uh huh. Tell that to John Titor. no, i'm not serious.
  • No match for my Oscillation Overthruster! Laugh while you can monkeyboys!
  • They forgot Quidnunc's farts. Oh wait, it says Non-lethal. In other news, StoryBored wins!
  • But isn't MSG lethal?
  • I have long wanted one of those microwave guns, so that I could fry the engine out of the asshole who just blew by me going 110 mph on the shoulder of the road rather than touch the brake pedal. You know, as a preventative measure, before said moron kills him/herself or runs a family of 5 off of the road. Would be fun at stoplights too - because some of the idiots who run a red will keep doing it until they T-bone some poor person on the cross street and end up killing them. I'd be quite happy to sit there frying people's engines as they blew by. Sure, morally it isn't my job to do so, and legally it would be destruction of property, but hell it would still be loads of fun. Would sure put a damper on the high speed chase phenomenon though.
  • Batman kicked the ass of the last guy who tried that.
  • A woman died when hit in the eye by a "non-lethal" pepper spray pellet here in Boston a year ago when celebrations of the local baseball team's victory over the hated rivals from New York got out of hand.
  • That free-floating closing anchor tag is a gift for you just for reading my comment. Enjoy!
  • I thought it was a sideways bearded clown with slanty eyebrows.
  • No way, two ice cream cones, kissing.