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September 11, 2005

Reverse Dictionary gives a list of words and phrases based on the user's input descriptive terms. Can't think of a word, but know what it means? Reverse Dictionary probably can help.

One of the best links ever.

I probably would have said the same about the HTML link the other day if I had understood it. I thought HTML stood for "Hotmail" for a few years. I still don't know what it stands for or what it means, but I have a vague idea.

Anyway, this link is so simple that even I can understand it.

I find this aglitterp site somewhat entomophilous, although it engenders an arriere-pensee about possible catachresis.

I agree with Bernockle. This link has changed my "living things collectively".

Also good for insults - you damned mattoid! Margites! Coprophage!

Oh sacchariferous Chyren - thou mirific and pygophilous sylph!

I entered the term "not jenna", no bush family link came up

(this is good)

Apparently, an elephant can be 'found in a toilet'.

Who'd a thunk it!

Proficious and effulgent.

Zingiberales musaceae!

Awesome, I was just trying to figure out the word "cognate" last night. One search here for "word borrowed from another language" brought it up. Thanks.

onelook is great

Neat -- thanks! I lose words often enough so that it really, really annoys me. This should help!

Speaking as someone with a wide vocabulary, but who has begun to feel the effects of middle age on my ability to quickly recall the "right" word, this could be very useful...if I can remember where to look for it when I need t.

Excellent. Thanks.

Elegant, as usual, Chyren. Bookmarked.

Wanted one of these for years! -- thanks, Chy!

Wanted one of these for years! -- thanks, Chy!

Now you just need to work on those stubby fingers mashing the keyboard ;)

Bee feet may be too light to be sure that one depressed the right keys. Maybe he should have done it with his butt ;)

Oh, god marvelous! SOP at the Kitty household when you can't recall a word is "What does it do?!" Nice find, Chy!

Archy the Cockroach used to dive headfirst onto each key of Don Marquis' manual typewriter. This made his head hurt, I'm sure.

Bees have a different technique -- we hover above the chosen flower or key and then fold our wings and bee-fall, as it were, onto the key.

The pratfall is not is not a recommended landing procedure for those with stings. Anatomically speaking, bees lack buttocks.

I fuckin' love Archy & Mehitabel!

Here's Archy's first appearance.

Bookmarked, thanks.

*applauds wildly*

Beautiful. Both the reverse dictionary and the Archy link.

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