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July 04, 2005

Sokath! His eyes open!
And Jalad. At Tanagra. Darmok and Jalad on the ocean.

Sokath! His eyes open!

I'm glad this makes sense to someone.

My friend's father is a professor of English, and he plays the "Darmok and Jalad" episode in one of his lectures, in order to study language and metaphor.

Really, it's probably just a thinly veiled excuse to watch Star Trek. Fantastic episode though.

One freaking episode spawns the study of an imaginary language.

It was a good episode, though.

Amusing reference to this near the end of the Wikipedia entry for Shaka Zulu.

One of my favorite episodes.

Wendell, asleep on the lawn.

An entire language of kennings?

What dwarves' ship this willow of gold has uncovered!

Colonel Mustard in the library with a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Cali: This cask you have opened contains rare and precious drops of wine indeed.

mwhybark, at Seattle. His glass unfilled!

Quidnunc, when the balls fell.

Great post -- I wasn't a TNG fan, so I never saw the episode. Now I want to.

Last modified: 2 February 1995

I'm glad it's still available!

It has Paul Winfield in it as Dathon, who was that captain in Wrath of Khan who got the antlion thing in his ear with Chekov.


Chekov, who wasn't even in the original episode that featured Khan (Space Seed).

/bigger (Ster Trek) geek

Chekov, with whom I was madly in love in 6th grade.

/hasn't been a star trek geek since 7th grade.

It's been widely explained that Chekov was not a bridge officer during the first season of The Original Series, which is when the Space Seed episode took place. Khan met Chekov before he and his genetically enhanced crewmates were abandoned on Seti Alpha V, but it was not an on-camera moment.

But the Darmok episode of Next Gen is one of my favorites.

/even bigger Star Trek geek

Qapla', jupwI'!

Yes, I knew the tlhIngan Hol off the top of my head. I win.

Oh, and totally wicked link, KoKo! You too, Cali.

And BlueHorse, that is a positively delicious turn of phrase.

...on Seti Alpha V...

Is there a relationship between this and Seti@Home?

Khan met Chekov before he and his genetically enhanced crewmates were abandoned on Seti Alpha V, but it was not an on-camera moment.

Revisionist bullshit! Zinda! His face black, his eyes red!

Turkmenbashi, his melons!

Daisy_May, when the pants fell!

Alnedra, her hammer raised!

Doris, her head asplode!

Should I be flattered or outraged that I'm the only non-baddie in the above list? Or maybe I should start doing some introspection...?

Quidnunc, in Rome!

How about a compromise ... flatrospection!

Jerry Junior, his kittens run amok!

Koko, when the links died.

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