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May 02, 2005

A Ukranian sign language news interpreter told people the truth about the election. While the state sponsored news broadcast told people that the (Russian backed) candidate had won, the sign language interpreter let everyone know the fix was in.

Oh, sorry, once again this link is via my newsfeed and BoingBoing.

That's awesome. A very gutsy and risky move.

I wonder if our closed captioning people would take the risk?

oh that is very cool. wow. shows you what a difference just one person can make. awesome post!

I love stories like this, and I'm especially glad to see her recognized. The fact that she felt the need to ewash her hands after translating the lies... a moving image.

Good story.

meredithea - closed captioning people would too easily caught.

Brave woman, and a stirring deed.

This story is a year old. If it hasn't been posted before during first circulation, I'll eat a goat. Or part of one.

i thought this story was about an award she's winning now for what she did then

How you like your goat, Chy?

Nothing in the UkraineElectionFilter.

Search for Ukraine OR Ukrainian: Nada

Search for "sign language": Zip

Good woman. I'm glad she didn't suffer for her honesty and courage.

Great story; thanks for posting it! (You know your blogspot link from your userpage is getting a 404, right? I'm swiping the story for my blog and wanted to credit you with a link to yours, but it ain't happening.)

Luckily a place near me does Goat Hot-Pot.

Go for it, man. (goat for it?)

That's an amazing story. Is anyone else reminded of the one scene in Life is Beautiful in which Benigni's character takes instructions from a Nazi to the prisoners in German and "translates" them into the rules for an imaginary tank competition in Italian?

Thanks for the heads-up, languagehat. I fixed the link to the blog.

Garrett Morris would be proud


But yes, this is a bit old...December, perhaps?

And I added the blog link to my post.

Oh, and good luck on your dissertation defense!

Thanks! I'm so nervous!

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