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October 19, 2004

Starter Jackets Fetish Site (SFW). A nice link for anyone out there looking to stare into the abyss for a few minutes.

Wait, has a small amount of non-nude gay pornography on it. What the hell is up with this.

He (I assume the webmaster is male) apparently prefers his sex objects young, male, and wearing starter jackets. Or alternately, he seems to be ok with empty starter jackets and partially nude young men.

Yeah, the banner for contrasts somewhat with the pictures of, well, rubbish jackets.

Whatever the hell this is, I feel your description of it as "the abyss" is a very fine one. And what a puzzling, subtly disturbing void it is.

I bet this guy watches emergency vets and beats off

What the fuck is a 'starter jacket'? Does it ignite or something?

"Starter" is a brand of sports apparel (why cant i spell that word?!) but anyway it was huge in the 90s to the point where people were mugged/shot for their jacket.

That is creepy.

I don't consider this SFW. ActuallySettle, please never post another link again.

The wording of this post is hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh.

To be honest, I can't identify anything about this that is funny.

Actually, apart from the banner, I didn't see anything NSFW on the site. As an abyss, it's a pretty lame abyss. More of a ravine, actually. Or perhaps a pothole. Lose the banner and it would be a collectors site.

Feel free to correct me on this - I didn't take a detailed look.

I agree, there is something profoundly disturbing, in a very subtle way. The magificent obsession alone is interesting, but combined with the latent ( and not quite so latent) homoerotic undertones, there is a pervailing sense of twistedness. I mean look at the portraits of people wearing starter jackets:
Exhibit A.

Exhibit B

oh, you found more gay pornography good work

I had that exact Michigan jacket when I was younger. Thing was comfy.

Yes, this is terrible. I refuse to have to look so many pictures of (ugly) jackets to find some gay pornography.

I can't decide if the site itself is worse, or the apparently non-ironic note about supporting Greenpeace that appears on the index page?

Until reading the bit of text on the front of that site, I had no idea Starter was the name of an actual clothing company. I just thought it was a term that referred to a particular style of jacket.

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I hate starter jackets.

I still remember the Starter cap ads, that featured someone famous doing tricks by spinning his hat around or something.

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