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September 02, 2004

Curious George: Where are my socks pants? Have you seen them? Nostril?


I'm wearing your fucking pants. AND I peed in them.

(but I always do that)

Mid, I havenít seen your pants since you broke up with that crazy Daisy Mae chick, What ever happened to her? Also, are you still giving away your webcam, can I have it?

Oh sure, ask a legit question, and assholes come out of the woodwork and start pissing on my pants thread.

Wandered off into the sunset, I'd say mct

those aren't pants dude. I know you like to wear them, but those aren't pants.

Ooh, thanks for the W&G. What's wrong with Wensleydale?

your pants ran off to become star wars quotes.

A friend found them... what were you doing, pant-less, at that river bank, eh?

Um, fishin'... for stuff.

Hey you totally forgot!

Oh my... this Dog-Cow? really made me laugh out loud. The very image of bafflement.


Have you checked with David Letterman?


Mister Pants?

MCT, were they chartruse stretch pants with an orange stripe down the side?

Cause I saw some hanging off the powerlines alongside I84.


What were you doing up the pole?

Hey, hey, don't look at me...

Mister Pants should be on the sidebar. Great site, mercifully back from a long hiatus.

I can't tell you where, but I can tell you why.
1. Collect underpants
2. ???
3. Profit!

*Distracts GramMa, waves for Flagpole to sneak out from behind the door

Are they MC Hammer pants?

MCT: What's amazing is that I'm usually yelling at Pete_best to put on his pants.

Good boy, Pete.

Have a 'nanar.

(and zip up--NOW!)

BlueHorse, don't you understand they all have just one set of clothes to share? Be grateful you are talking to the one with the undies.

Think about all the petebest standing naked on the streets. The poor...

From the underwear front.

Hmmm, where's MCT? I understand some of you may have some 'inside information' on the location of his pants.

Pete, dammit, what are you doing inside those pants?

they said there was candy inside, but all i found was a lighter.

You better not let me catch you playing with that, Mister!

This thread is closed. Please move along. No pants or socks to see here. Nothing to see here. Thank you. Goodnight.

I'm chilly. Someone hold me.

I'm cornbread. Someone butter me up.

I figure Pope Quidnunc must have taken the underpants.

Alien Dancing Pants

It was a day like no other,
A day like none before,
The day I discovered Alien Dancing Pants,
In a pile upon my floor.

They were purple with gold stitching,
They felt silky and oh so smooth,
And the moment I put them around my bits,
My hips began to move.

My feet suddenly had rhythm,
I danced dances I did not know,
With the washer I did the lambada,
With the cooker I danced the tango,

The magic in the pants was outstanding,
My feet just would not stop,
Yet when I grew tired of dancing,
The pants just wouldn't come off!

I tried to prise them off with a stick,
But the pants just wouldn't budge,
I tried every kind of lubricant,
From grease to chocolate fudge.

But the pants weren't having none,
The alien underwear was here to stay,
It told me it would take over the world,
The pants we would all obey!

I had to get the pants off,
It was all that was on my mind,
I knew I couldn't live another day,
With Alien Dancing Pants around my behind,

I tried to bribe them with money,
I tortured them with hot coals,
But the pants hung on to my particulars,
And began to attack my soul.

I had to take drastic measures,
The pants were becoming too tight,
So when I thought they weren't looking,
I blew them up with dynamite.

The pants somehow survived the onslaught,
But they were injured and chose to retreat,
Yet the pants still posed a threat,
Those pants I would have to defeat.

So I went at them with a baseball bat,
Attacking the groin and stitching,
After five minutes of wanton pummelling,
The pants were crumpled and twitching.

Then in my moment of exultation,
As I was lost in a victory yell,
The pants managed to escape me,
Where they went I could not tell.

Now mankind was in danger,
The pants their defeat would avenge,
I knew from my dastardly dealings with them,
Those pants would be back for revenge!

Mankind, alas, would not listen,
My pleas to humanity were in vain,
They thought me a babbling madman,
I was bonkers, loopy, insane.

Yet you may choose to laugh at me,
And ignore my yells and rants,
But one thing you must never underestimate,
Is the evil of Alien Dancing Pants.

There off and they're coming for YOU!

Copyright; Grubbymitts

You know, something very like that happened to Spiderman.

Oh, and )))!!!


My knees is all frozen.

This thread really didn't quite catch on in the same way its predecessor did.

Here's your damn pants ...

Thank you, bernockle. I had previously killed this thread with a cryptic comment re: my knees.

Now that it is revived, I feel much less guilty.

Crap. I've killed it again.

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