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August 25, 2004

The Food Spray Diet Beginning in September, spray those calories away! (More inside)

The original press release:

(PRWEB) August 24, 2004 -- The food spray diet, founded by a world-known Chef and nutritional Pharmacist, was created to help people loose weight without compromising any taste.

Heres how the diet works...

There are three basic 'spray groups'. The veggie spray, the food spray, and the dessert spray. All the sprays are no carb, no calorie, very low in fat (if any), and very low in sodium (if any). The sprays replace existing 'high carb' or 'high calorie' food toppings, sauces, condiments, cheeses, creams, dips, marinades, with a no carb, no calorie alternative. Along with the food spray diet meal plan, 3 meals a day plus snacks, dieters can spray their pounds away!

The veggie sprays were designed to take the place of your dressings and dips. With such fantastic flavors as ranch mist, sour cream and onion, guacomole, and blue cheese dieters can spray their vegetables, salads, and low carb chips without loosing their love for flavor.

The food sprays are in place of your gravy, marinades, and sauces. With such tasty flavors as terriyaki tornado, mexican salsa, brown gravy, sweet barbq, cheddar, beacon-cheddar, and tex-mex, dieters can now spray their meats, poultry, eggs, and even side dishes.

The dessert sprays are the ultimate weapon for dieters. They come in chocolate, chocolate brownie, marshmallow, cheesecake, white-chocolate, peanut butter and cookie dough. By spraying your desserts, fruits, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, rice cakes, cereals, nuts, and even low carb bars, your cravings can be satisfied.

The food spray diet not only satisfies ones hunger for flavor, but helps you loose weight too. The sprays are no calorie and no-carb. ( Perfect for low carb diets and low calorie diets) Begin spraying and loose weight!

# # #

"loose weight"? Really?

yes, that's opposed to "tight" weight, i guess...

i just hate people who had double majors. culinary arts and pharmacy, come on man leave something for the rest of us.

What a wonderful idea - but we need to lose this prissy business of three different groups. What's wrong with spraying your salad with chocolate brownie flavour, or your apple pie with bacon-cheddar?

All over France people are reading this and finding their determination to fight off Anglo-Saxon culture strengthened and renewed...

um, Plegmund, I believe that's "Beacon-cheddar." Loathe to guess what that might taste like.

I'm developing technology that will enable users to spray their comments directly onto monkeyfilter threads, without the need for actual typing.

Spray-Comm!™ will come in three comment-flavours: bile, irrelevance and namedropping.

With a product like this, I can't loose!

"your cravings can be satisfied."

WRONG. Wrong wrong wrong. You cannot 'satisfy' cravings with a limited amount of the food, or a taste additive. Particularly carb & sugar addictions.

This approach has been tried many times before, the only difference is the application method. People with food cravings/addictions will just eat more.

The only way to diet successfully is to change your food eating habits/types of food you eat to less fat, and exercise a shitload. That is the sad truth.

But monkey love sweeeeeeet. That's the problem.

My God - it glows in the dark?

It's a floor wax and a dessert topping!

Monkeyfilter: exercise a shitload.

This is, imo, just another silly fad. Fad diets don't work. As a health care professional, I have to say that the only healthy way to lose weight is reducing caloric intake, increasing activity levels. Always check with your physician, if you are not used to increased activity, before starting an exercise program. To find out if there are any health related concerns that may limit the amount of activity you engage in.
Get away from the T.V., the computer, video games, etc. Walk where you can, drive only when you have to.
Quit with the super-sizing, and eating fast food as the main part of the diet.
Now I am sure all you monkeys all ready do that. :)

bratcat: poppycock.

Simple ways of losing weight include -

(a) amputation;
(b) getting drunk and forgetting where you put it;
(c) dying;
(d) only eating cardboard; and
(e) getting so incredibly fat that you actually become thin, like those movies that are "so bad that they're good".

I may write a book.

Quidnunc kid, ah yes, those are simple ways (if you can call amputation,simple) to lose weight, but not necessarily healthy ways. You are amusing QKid. :)

Thank Irrelevance Flavour SprayComm™ ;)

amusing like a piano full of bowling balls. Or a horse pulling a pencil.

[on preview: dang! who let him back in here?]

Monkeyfilter: It's a floor wax and a dessert topping!

A better idea for weight loss would be a spray that tastes like ass. It'll make food so unappetizing that you don't eat it.

what does ass taste like?

am i going to be sorry i asked that?

the real question is, will rocket88 be sorry for being able to answer that question?!?!

re the loose weight, nostril is oh so right. the hub & I have been trying this summer to shave off a spare 10# each. we have attempted to follow a course of increased excercise, moderate decrease in portion sizes, significant decrease in starchy carbs, reduction of fat (ie canola oil spray instead of olive oil in the pan) and judicious use of low-cal snacks for that satisfied feeling. (microwave or airpopped popcorn is great as are graham crackers, which come in a variety of delicious flavors!)

/end babbling...

What does beacon-cheddar taste like?

"what does ass taste like?"

You've never eaten ass? Tastes like chicken.

Yes, loose that weight! Send it stampeding free across the open land!

What's wrong with spraying your salad with chocolate brownie flavour, or your apple pie with bacon-cheddar?

It upsets the balance of the Food Force. There is a chocolate side, and a cheese side.

But where does the booze side fit in?

But where does the booze side fit in?

You can spray that, too.

You act as though it's a mere mortal thing like food. ;)

#2001; sprays those calories away!

Oh, and.....WTF is wrong with people? Using common sense might be one way of losing weight. Or just not obsessing about it might a good idea. If you don't have the willpower, as I know many don't, accept it. Don't give these fuckers any of your money.

head hurts now from so much stupidity

Hey, I've worked it out now. Beacon-cheddar is for light snacks.

Oh, please yourselves, then...

BWHAAAAAAAAAAAA pleg you slay me.

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