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August 11, 2004

"The idea of using Jell-O as a sculptural medium came to me as a result of consciously trying to free my mind from the traditional constraints of sculpture making."

The most exciting thing about jello has always been the way goes into it and makes it transparent and somewhat stained-glass-like.

Wonder if this could be used for making stained-glass panels? Or something, instead of just a big block of faked jello.

/Heresy of the Day: Bigger is not always better.

should read 'the way light goes into it' I'm hungry for jello, and those are some very large cubes of jello...

well, jb, you can always visit the jell-o museum...

(jell-o is an Official SideDish Favorite Thingie in the World)

There's always room for art.

I actually liked the big silicone rubber bullets the best. They're lit up, they move when you touch them - just cool. You know, come to think of it, they look like one of my favorite toys. Wonder if he'd make a vibrating one...

That's cool, Sidedish. A Jello-Barbie! How come I never had one?

So, have you ever made jello in the bathtub?

nope, jb, do you wrestle in it afterward? heh.

ooo, lookee, no-chill jello for wrestling!

isn't the world a wonderful place with such spectacular inventions?

The photos of the women snuggling up against those Freudian "bullets" qualifies as money shot of the day (even above the shot of the two sorority girls Jell-o wrestling).

SideDish, were you looking for jello trees trees when you found this?

ambrosia! BING BING BING! you got it.

never did find 'em, though.

the first thing I thought of when I saw "Jello-O sculpture" (well, after Jello tree) was this.

So it shivers and shimmies when poked? In that case it could be fun in a playground -- sassuming it also holds up to being bounced upon.

/hurray for a mock-jello trampoline!

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