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April 10, 2004

Heart of the Beast MayDay parade Itís a parade Iím very involved with every year. I been going since 1998, when the theme was Sing!! Evey year its a new theme and every time, it amazes me what these theatre people do.
Everybody can join in on this parade and it seems like everyone does. So come please if u live in the Twin Cities area. Its worth it!!! Happy May Day!!
P. S. search around the web for this, I have found some cool sites but the hyperlinks are not working for me.

Corrected link

Hey all, me again,
Heres some linkage I found around the web about this: (scroll down) Nice gallery of last year's parade live journal entry about 2002's parade gallery of 1998 parade

Bear with me folks, im new at this!!

Check out the faq for help with posting links, and the like.

And welcome. I hope you like it here.

It looks a lot like the kind of street art that bread and puppet did and still do to a smaller extent. That was the high point of summer for me, I can see why your excited for this mayday. It's cool to watch people get up in papier-mache and have a little fun...

Bread and Puppet sounds like a cool group, the Artistic director of Heart of the Beast used to work with them a lot, too bad they cancelled the big Domestic Resurrection Circus and Pageant, because that was amazingly neat.

The Beltane Fire Festival looks like fun too.

The hill is alive with the sound of pagans

Happy Beltane!

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