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December 03, 2013

Hope for blindsighted people. Blindsightedness uses subliminal data processing, a step or two up from the dark first image shown in this example of a new technology which could help such a crippled eye...

Being able to view an eye, with less light would definitely do less damage than using a full blast UV emitting ophthalmoscope. Very hopeful, this new technology - a doctor's examination will only exacerbate a small cataract, say, in one's good eye.

Sadly, it will take years for doctors to use less damaging methods of observation.

...high-resolution, 3D images using a total of about one million photons. By comparison, an image of similar quality taken with a mobile-phone camera under office lighting conditions would require a few hundred trillion photons...

Just a few hunnnert trillion? Small orders of magnitude.

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