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December 10, 2007

NSFW™ Fark wants to trademark the phrase "Not safe for work." Discuss.

i'll start:

And that about sums it up, really.

heeee! Good one cheesy.

That's hot.

La parole me faut.

Or rather, LPMF™.

Drew Curtis is a cunt.

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Drew Curtis is a cunt

I quite liked his sitcom though, with Mimi and the dance routine in the opening credits to "Cleveland Rocks", or whatever.

He's lost weight since then. They put stencils in his stomach.

Pencils, you say? In his stomach? I guess they would help to draw out the toxics and fats. But why not insert an eraser up his anus, to rub out every calorie? Colour me confused, but I would think that sucking the ol' wood pencil is not as nice as a rubber one up the asshole.

It's the accountant's method: just work it out with a pencil.

Eating pencils makes you lose weight because they're #2.

(hides under blankets with can of macaroons

I still think should be awarded the trademark. Or tubgirl. Or goatse. Or 2cups1girl.

Any kid with that much rage at the age of, what, 4 or 5, is going to hell on wheels when he gets to be a bit bigger..

I hope his parents are prepared.. and..what's that stuff on his face, anyway...???

As for Drew, meh.... I stopped paying attention to Fark years ago....

I might add, do not do a search for NSFW on google images thinking you're going to top the one that TUM has posted...cuz, you just get, well, NSFW stuff, and, I'm at work..

/will continue to be an idiot until I die...

Fark? Is that still around?

*goes off to search for '2cups1girl', which he totally missed out on*

Capt, I think he means 2girls1cup. This is a link to a song made by an avid fan.

Fark always seemed to me sort of like a place where old frat boys are put out to pasture.

Um, DON'T search for 2girlsonecup.

"Old" frat boys? I always figured Fark was populated solely by teenagers.

Seriously, Captain, don't. And if you're one of those people that will do it now out of curiosity, look it up on Wikipedia first. Then don't.

You can't google quality like that, HB! It can only be achieved through hasty photoshopping during a coffee break!

...look it up on Wikipedia first. Then don't.


Jesus Christ.

*vomits in cup*

Sweet Mothra, are you guys ever tempting me with all your "don't do it"s.

The beautiful, shiny button... The jolly, candy-like button...

Oh, go ahead, Cappy. What's the worst that could happen? Just go get yourself a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate from TimHos and click the ol' play button!

if you have to click thru, when you're conscious again, click HERE for a brain-cleansing kitten.

The Internet: Pandora's Box Opened Hourly!

Just go get yourself a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate

*retches, passes out*

*wakes up without pants*

Essay: Compose an editorial on why humans in the 21st century shared images and videos of an horrific, repugnant and disgusting nature. 70% of your grade.

Addendum: "Because they could" is not acceptable.

Anything after 1957 illustrates the end of civilization as we knew it.

The Internet: Pandora's Box Opened Hourly!

Heee! Gold star for this comment.

It's not real shit, anyway. It's (probably) cookie dough that's been smooshed up her ass, which she then deposits. I'm not sure about the puke.

Very rarely do performers in these fetish videos eat *real* shit. It's hard to find performers who will do so who are also relatively attractive. God knows, I've tried.

The internets have left me jaded -- I didn't think it was a big deal.

For something on the web, I mean. In real life, the depths of my revulsion could not be plumbed.

*runs screaming away from the internets*

It's hard to find performers who will do so who are also relatively attractive.

Watch out! You'll be hearing from Divine's estate's lawyers!

how much is that doggie in the window?

I haven't clicked on the link, but already the spoilers have....spoiled this thread.

Hey, I just thought of something - we'd better hurry over to the patent office with Owl Semen™, Otter Bile™, and Werzog™. caution live frogs had better drive.


Don't forget that!


Hurry, TUM. Hurry!


NSFW level 4 still doesn't have its own term. CBU (cannot be unseen) works but hasn't caught on. I believe it is needed as it would have personally saved me and others the sight of some images which we will carry to our graves.

Hoser, there is an agency and a product that can help you with your problems:

One poor guy on MeFi just got exposed to tubgirl for the first time.

That's what I'm on about! CBU CBU!!!!! 'cause i had to, of course, immediately google tubgirl. Pours liberal amount of bleach in eyes Thanks Bluehorse!

Over on reddit this chart is actively being discussed on the front page. I'm surprised how many times 4chan is referenced. OK, not that surprised. (I had to clic on a link in the comments because of my inquisitive nature and was rewarded with a warm and fuzzy clip involving eyes and maggots.) CBU CBU!!!!

Be strong.

For identification purposes only

These are the verboten sites.

Pass the bleach! I should confess, Bluehorse, my curiosity will always overwhelm my common sense and a list like this is asking to be perused. However, perhaps with your warning I will get my better half, the undertaker, to vet these first. She ain't phased by nuthin'. (Yes, Tracicle I passed along the potential job opening you mentioned (undertaker/marriage officiator in trouble) but she said only if she got the car in the deal!)

My curiosity was strong, but I was wise and went to Urban Dictionary .com instead, and looked up tubgirl. A simple description should be less harmful than the actual picture, right?


Now I have a self-created visual image (like a song stuck in my head) that I cannot un-think. Need brain bleach.

(like a song stuck in my head)

The Song of Tubgirl?

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