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September 20, 2007

Dick Tricks - otherwise known as genital origami - certainly NSFW
Why should something so enjoyable be such a taboo? How can man's best friend be associated with such shame? Penises should be fun, not just functional! With this online guide, you can ply your plonker and become the magnet of any mutual mustering.

Customers who bought this item also bought Puppetry of the Penis. Again, this is probably not safe for work.

1: Cut a hole in a box.

I have a t-shirt featuring a photo of a man wearing only a cape and a very small (but not too small) stage complete with curtain covering his schlong. He was in my camp at burning man a couple of years ago, and we all spent a fair bit of time being entertained by his astounding and appalling penis tricks. Good times.

is this something you do with friend(s)? or just alone.

The fact you have to ask that speaks volumes!

well, i asked cause the link didn't work for me, i got some endless, recursive nav links and that was all.

Damn. The illustration for the Baby Bird... damn. Talk about nightmare material. Sorry, I just lack the mental fortitude to check the other ones.

*hides under covers, after making sure bedroom windows are closed and there are no birds in hiding*

Don't taze me, bro.

The swan flies south
White-eared elephant
Meat and two veg

I might need a hand to do some of these.




Can't look at work. Imagining the worst.


Guess which one I'm doing right now?

Your access was denied due to the content categorisation of this website/file: "Adult Content;Adult Material"

How does a guy get to see some dick around here?

Yes, where is quidnunc? I haven't seen him for ages either.

Next thread over.

Don't defuse my gratuitous insult, Captain!

Oh, it still works.

Sorry. I'm slow. You guys go on ahead without me.

I REFUSE to look at that filth! Hrumph! Indeed. Why, I'll have you know I'm a respectable GramMa!

Lock Ness Monster. hee hee hee

I'll post pics tonight.

Anyone else think the poster is eponysterical?

I have no idea what eponysterical means. No, seriously.

And GRAMMA, shame on you! looks more like a duck, anyway. Ouch.

This is far from a comprehensive list. Where's "the bat" or "the goat"?
I guess i'm just at a more advanced level than these wankers.

In other penis news...

Oh, I bet there was some GO going on last night in various monkey houses across the planet.

Oh, and RTD, nice 96 word link there. >:(

Bitter, eh?

Actually, just jealous that my own penis has never been struck by lightning. Can you imagine a better party trick?

Well, you can always take a wintergreen Life Saver...

Somewhere on the internet, there is a fetish group devoted to people getting struck by lightning on the penis.

We're trusting you with this mission, Hank. Make us proud.

Somewhere on the internet, there is a fetish group devoted to people getting struck by lightning on the penis.

Ugh. Zappies. Fucking freaks.

I'ma thinkin' this needs to be posted here.

It looks fairly innocuous, but don't be opening it at work. Unless your boss REALLY REALLY REALLY likes origami.

The Call: "Where are my oats? Where is my straw?"

HiHo Silver!
Weeeeeeehhhheeeee!! *snort*

there is a fetish group devoted to people getting struck by lightning on the penis.

Pierced or unpierced? Wasn't there a Mythbusters about this?

Ben Franklin's Secret Other Hobby.

When finger painting becomes kid's stuff.

*remembers Bob Ross beating the devil out of his brush*

Cops probe rude Buddha

Aahhh, Mr. ross--

And a little tree grows here....
And another little tree belongs here....
And another little tree....


Martin: Genital Evolution

Not safe for anyone who doesn't appreciate the joys of cock skinning, scrotal splitting, etc.

Whoops! Flagpole, I was just passing and found this open tube of paint and loaded brush. That isn't MY little tree...Honest!

Homie, your link...

*scrubs eyes with sandpaper

Should have read the non-bolded statement closer before I clicked the link.


Oh, don't be such prudes.

It's not prudishness, just a basic, automatic, ingrained self-preservation reaction. Ouch. Ouch. OOOUUUUCH.
*winces, thanks the heavens for not having such urges in order to enjoy himself*

I'd rather be a prude than pruned. Put those secateurs down, homunculus.

Now now. Don't get snippy.

Take a tip off me - err, hang on...

Yeah, it's not the look. That really doesn't bother me at all. It's the thought of the pain. I can't even stand the dentist.

Umm, what's up with the pictures being done up to look like motivational posters?

That's one office lunchroom I don't need to visit.

I figured the guy did them on that motivational poster creation site.

It really is interesting how he talks of how he'd not let anyone see--to the point of having no sexual partners--because he was embarrassed, yet he took all kinds of photos and lovingly created motivational posters from them.

It's not being a prude.

It's just...

my god! You aren't SUPPOSED to do that to various body parts.

Far be it from me to tell anyone not to play with themselves, but --


Keep it clean.

How does it work?

We're so proud of our son. He's a performance artist.

Man charged in penis 'puppet' incident

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