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July 26, 2006

Curious George: Tattoos What do you think about tattoos? Do you have any? Share your thoughts! I just got my second tattoo and I am interested in knowing/seeing the rest of you lovelies opinions on tattoos as well as Pictures of your own!

Try here! And show us yours.

Tattos are great! I love tramp stamps!


this thread makes me miss Sidey :(

I have twotoos

I was going to link em but the stupid flickr page wont load. probably there around here somewheres anyway...

I have a birthmark on my leg shaped like a shark.

And one on my ass shaped like Florida.

Needless to say, I won't go anywhere near Florida, out of fear of fulfilling my destiny of being eaten by a shark.

No tats.

Permanent changes to the skin seems like such a weird thing to me. Tattoos that are easily removed make a lot of sense. I am sure we will have those in the near future. But how can you ever know that you want to alter your appearance forever? I think that there will be a lot of ridiculous looking retirees in the years to come. And I hate seeing an attractive woman whose attractive skin is covered up with some wacky colored design.

this is my tattoo.
the cartoon is Billys Balloon by Don Hertzfeldt.

i think of getting another one, but i don't know what yet...

I wish there were no tattoos. I like humans as they were originally made.

It seems like everyone has a tattoo these days.

That said, chicks with heavily-tattooed arms give me the vapours sumptin' fierce. And Tā moko Maori tats are cool as hell. On Maori folks.

There's a reason that those lower back tattoos are known as Skank Marks.

I call them butt hats

Personally, I don't like them. Whenever I see a tatoo I can't help but think, "Why would you do that?" Not that there's anything wrong with that...

I thought those were called Tramp Stamps, Berek.

I think they should all say, "This side up."

yes but what side shoud be up?

I posteded in the other thread.

Double poooooost

Ah, hell, never mind.

There may be beautiful tattoos out there. I can't say as I've ever seen them. Don't want one--guess I'm just too flighty to stick with any one thing imprinted in my skin.

Plus, there's nothing that could be more wrong than an old lady with an ass tat.

*exits with dignity

I like tats, but not on me, so far.
Somewhere between "indecisive" and "vain about skin."

There is also still a lot of class prejudice related to them (this came up on the previous thread too)... lots and lots of people still think they're tacky, even if they've been popular on rock stars. (Lots of people think that practically ANYthing popular on a rock star is tacky if the person involved is not a rock star.) I personally vacillate on this issue. Tats certainly impede social mobility, to a degree, but I think they will continue to become more acceptable, as more people get them.

If I did get tattooed, I would get either a classic Japanese design (all the koi with none of the missing finger segments!) or something in black that looks either like a woodcut/engraving or Spencerian script. I also like, but probably wouldn't get, classic/vintage designs (swallows, nautical stars, "man's ruin", etc). No cute little dolphins ever.

I think if you're getting multiple tattoos, you should probably come up with a plan so that they integrate. At least, that's what I would do.

yes but what side shoud be up?

You know which side.

No ink, no piercings on me. But tattoos on small, black-haired girls with flashing dark eyes, slightly upturned noses, Marlboro Lights, and giant bagfuls of sass are, like, lava hot.

I have 6... three on my back, a half sleeve on my left arm, one on my right hip, and a small one behind my right ear. I have plans for my other arm in the works that should be completed by mid summer next year.
Think my opinion is rather obvious. Though, people that get bad tattoos for dumb reasons bother me.

Whoah the half sleeve is a very interesting choice of design.

In Soviet Russia, tattoo chooses YOU!

suphaltus, I...... well....... I...... think....I.

I have 6 ...... Though, people that get bad tattoos for dumb reasons bother me.

So, what is your dumb reason? Nothing personal here, but I can think of one thing more of a turnoff then a heavily tattooed women, that's a woman who smokes (kissing an ashtray, ICK).

Having said that, I of course support your decision to get them if you so desire, but I very much doubt that you've thought through the repercussions of doing so. I gaurantee you that by the time you get to be my age you will be looking in the mirror going, "What the fuck was I thinking?". Twenty years from now somebody's going to be making a large fortune doing tattoo removals.

*smacks Berek*
anyway I was saying......

I like yer old-school ones - bleeding heart, dagger and 'Mum and Dad' on the ribbon; an anchor if you're a former merchant seaman; or maybe something regimental if you once shot Taigs in the Paras. It'll take a few years before all this hipster malarkey achieves the same status I fear. That said, these ancient Siberian ones are rather dandy.

I have a black and red sun on my back - best place for em as it hardly ever gets seen so I'll never regret it. I still like it and I got it done when I was 16 (in a seedy backroom in Blackpool).

I am pure class.

I gaurantee you that by the time you get to be my age you will be looking in the mirror going, "What the fuck was I thinking?".

People say this a lot. You know I hope I just make it to an age when they will become embarrassing.

I can't wait for my grandkids to chant at me "Show us your tatts Nanna!"

I can't wait for my grandkids to chant at me "Show us your tatts Nanna!"

Ok I am in love with gomichild now.
Who am I kidding I am just drunk.


I have two big ones: one on my back, and a huge one on my front - that one extends down to mid-thigh.

Maybe it's because they're so big, but I couldn't imagine not having them. They're so very much a part of me, that the whole "you'll regret it when you're older" argument always seems nonsensical, like regretting your eye colour. I really can't remember myself without them. It's almost as if they were always there, just not coloured in yet.

These are mine. I've never been so happy with any decision I've made in my life.

I have a really tiny one of a semiquaver on my left shoulder. Cost me $2.

*applauds all of the tattoos*

nice work people.

i have a large very black bass clef on my left shoulder, done by a friend. i'm planning something on the right shoulder, but haven't gotten around to it.

Danger, that back dragon is the shizz. Beautiful work. I'm a fan of plain black ink myself.

Oh, and btw, missustool and I are definitely coming to Firenze this fall. Mails will be forthcoming as soon as we have firm plans. That is all. Over.

Tattoos can be interesting and decorative. However, I find myself asking "Why?" rather often. This is probably because I am approaching oldfarthood.

The combination of a Tramp Stamp (or Come Target, as one kid said), and a thong, both on casual display out in public, causes me to downgrade the class of the "lady" in front of me.

Neck and finger tattoos say "I have been to prison".

That butterfly on the young lady's buttock is going to look like a Pterodactyl when she is a granny.

I've got seven, with vague plans for more. before I got my first one, I spent 6 months talking to every guy I saw who was over 50 and had tattoos. I'd ask where they got them, what they paid, etc., and then the final question - "do you regret getting them?"

out of 60 or so people, I got one guy who responded "yeah, I was dumb as dirt, I wish I didn't have it." He had the smallest tattoo of anyone I spoke to. Most of the other guys said "they're just a part of me now."

Housepig's rules of tattoos:
1. know what design you want, and have a good copy of it at the right size when you go to the shop.
2. make it at least 20% bigger than you think you want it, space allowing.
3. have enough money in your pocket that the cost is not an issue - don't settle for "what you can afford", wait until you can afford what you want.

So many pretty pictures... but do you REALLY want to look at the same ones/inflict the same ones on others YOUR WHOLE LIFE?

I get sick of what's hanging on my walls, let alone my skin. I've seen way too many tattoos that scream out their decade of origin or some passing enthusiasm (unicorns, band logos etc. fall into this category).

I don't like tats for the same reason that I don't like billboards. They're nasty distractions and usually detract from their settings. The saddest tats are those that provide free advertising for someone else's business, i.e. logos etc.

That said, I've seen a few that have made me go, "Wow," but they're usually tribal and pretty extreme, and not on anyone I know. Can't recall the last time I saw a conventional tattoo and thought, "that really improved that person's appearance..." Plus, as pointed out above, all those ass hats are going to look pretty sorry on all those sagging butts as the years roll by.

I agree with wingnut.

>>Lots of people think that practically ANYthing popular on a rock star is tacky if the person involved is not a rock star.

Actually, rock stars are not exempt from the tacky. They embody the tacky.

No tats, but if I did, it'd be an old-school one, like AC said. Or a series of coats-of-arms, like schools I've graduated from, cities I've lived in, that sort of thing. But I know I'd never get any, what, with that whole fear of commitment thing.

Best tattoo EVAR -- on Great Bob Scott, former drummer for the Look People. On his arm, a tattoo of this guy. When he flexed, he could make him smile. Dude. AWESOME.

There are plenty of people already making a forturne from tattoo removal, but that doesn't stop anyone. For me, I will most likely never get one. I'm not much for physical adorments (unless cute shoes count), and I guess this just goes along with it. I could care less if the guy I was dating had one (though content would matter, I suppose). I am, however, wondering what that college bf who left investment banking for an NGO a few years thinks of his bull tattoo at this point.

I have three roses on my left deltoid. The largest one I got first, when I was engaged to my wife of eleven years now. I got a smaller rosebud trailing off that one when my son was 2 years old, and at that time got my wife's name put by the first rose and my son's name by the second. Then I got my third last year when my daughter was one year old, also with her name beside it.

So the rose thing is cliched, but it's meaningful to me, I think they're lovely, and I know I'll never regret getting them.

Further though, I think that if I had the money or the connections (i.e., knew a tattoo artist) I could easily be the kind of person who would get whole sleeves of the things. I like 'em a lot. I don't know that I'd ever get a chest or back tattoo though--not for any fear of regret, but just b/c I'm a hairy bastich and don't have a lot of good clear canvas to work with.

I would love to get more tattoos, though, starting on my other deltoid. I'm imagining a medieval woodcut-style sun thing, with the face and everything, or a similar sun/moon face combination. Not the tribal ones that you see a lot.

And then the mount Rushmore of horror heads, with Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, the Wolf Man and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. That would be sweet.

My drummer got a huge Halo tattoo on his deltoid -- yeah, the XBox game. It's really well-done, but I can't think that getting a tattoo of one's favorite video game is anything but short-sighted.

I still regret getting that Pong tattoo when I was five...

*smacks Berek*

*He likes it*

Part of the big problem with tattoos is, other then the just plain poor white trashiness of them, is the fact that they really will impact your chances of success in the future. I gaurantee you having visible tats will work against you in the job market, especially any white collar field. Also, I notice that those saying they don't regret their tats are still too young too know what regret is. Trust me, you will regret them, along with lots of other bad choices, when you get to be my age.

I regret not completely digesting Berek's slash key before bluehorse hosed it out of me.

Maybe I'll get a tattoo to remind me of my regret.

It will be so meta.

I'm now convinced that DiMMN is a yakuza. Which explains why he's married to a (moth)ninja.

Beautiful tattoo though .... don't hurt me

Trust me, you will regret them, along with lots of other bad choices, when you get to be my age.

what exactly is your age, o wise one? and did your condescending attitude develop over this long stretch of years, or was it a gift at birth?

Berek - I get that reaction on occasion. I enjoy decorating my body with art that means something to me. It's part of who I am. *shrug* If that's dumb to you, that's fine. If that's unattractive to you, that's ok, too. I don't expect everyone to like [my] tattoos, one of the many reasons that not everyone has one. If I worried about what everyone thought of me I wouldn't have them, now would I?

If I thought I'd regret my ink 20 years down the line I wouldn't have invested my time or money in it - it's been 6 years since I got my first one, still don't regret it. A lot of thought has gone into all of it - a year to 4 years of planning on each piece. I've never waltzed into a tattoo studio with no idea of what I want and why. The tattoos that I consider to be a dumb are those that aren't thought out, or gotten for completely wrong reasons. Those are the things that people end up regretting later.

On visible tattoos at work: the only tattoo you can see (if you look hard enough, my hair covers it these days) when I wear my work clothes is the one behind my ear. Placement is a big thing to me. If I can't cover it, I'll find a new place for it. That aside, I work with people who have full sleeves and neck tattoos... it's common in the culinary industry, and tends to be overlooked if you're good at what you do.

And to condense this into one big ass comment: Thanks, gomichild and glamajamma.

That's kind of a silly and outmoded way of thinking, Berek. My issue with tattoos is that everyone - from all levels of the socio-economic strata - seems to have them.
For the most part tattoos are the new motorcycles, made dull and uninteresting by their ubiquity.

Exceptions do apply, though (Really neat, suphaltus & DangerIsMyMiddleName!!!)

And Earwax... 'class'? Your pigeon-holing of a person based solely on their appearance or that they may have been in prison*Gasp* reveals more about your own level of 'class', IMO.

Whee, sure is a lot of poo being flung here.

*dons Hazmat suit*

Let's hear it for the eye of the beholder, since this is a classic example of same.

Hey now - just relax, everyone.

I'm sure that - as a mature community of people from a range of backgrounds, each with their own deeply held opinions, preferences and dislikes, as well as rich stores of experience to offer the group - we can surely just agree that actually you're ALL complete fucking idiots.

Layne: You are right. But I can't help make these assumptions about someone I know nothing about. I try to correct myself, once I realize that I am placing these strangers into pigeon-holes. This girl with the skin art on her back may be a bright, vibrant, funny person. This young man with Spanish text in gothic print on his neck may be a loving father.

And I might not be an asshole.

As long as you're not a heavily made-up tramp. ;-)

People who walked into a tattoo parlor while drunk on shore leave during WWII have regretted their tattoos. People with prison tattoos regret them becuase they were done with a bic pen. Nowadays it's more of an art form for most people, a way to express themselves. I may be disappointed in how my tattoo looks 30 years from now, but let's face it, I'm going to be disappointed with how my entire body looks 30 years from now. In fact, I already am disappointed in my body, but my tattoo still looks sharp. I designed it myself and I'm very proud of it, and I can't see myself regretting that ever.

I am just speaking from personal experience when I speak on the subject of regret. The problem with being in your twenties is not being able to think through the consequences of your actions. In my case it resulted in a four year hitch in the Army. Oh yeah, What the Mother fuck was I thinkin'?! Anyways, I saw lots and lots of guys who got tattoos in the service and who, almost to a man, regretted it. Of course that did have a lot to do with the fact that they tended to be drunk when they got them. Also too many of them got things like "Love Suzy Forever". Six months later Suzy is gone and the guy ends up getting some ugly ass dragon to cover it up.

Once again, while you have indeed put a lot of thought into it, by the time you are fifty you will regret having got the tattoos. Having said that, by that time the art of tat removal will probably be advanced far enough that they'll be easy to get rid of. Also, I suppose getting your skin inked is probably no worse then having signed up for four years of abuse and mistreatment.

And in the end? What the hell do I know? I could easily serve as the poster child for the League of Misbegotten Lives.

I don't mind that people get tattoos even if they just seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. But those tattoos don't interest me much.

Most people I know who have them spent a long time deciding on what they wanted. They usually have interesting stories behind them too.

Mine I've had for 15 years. As a trembling 20 year old I walked into a biker tattoo shop on a notorious Adelaide street, handed the towering guy with a bandanna on his head the design I'd worked on for weeks, was plopped into a chair and told to sit still for an hour. It was a rite of passage for me at the time and the bravery of doing it (when no one I knew at the time had one) was a real statement to myself. Hell if I can walk into a place and get a tatt then I can do anything!

For the past 6 months I have been giving a lot of thought into incorporating my current tattoo into a bigger design. I don't want to cover it up (because I like it) - but as many others have said I like coordination. I'm sure that it will take several more months of thinking, and meeting with tattoo artists and discussing ideas before I come to a decision.

But hey that's all part of the fun of having one.

The not fun part of course will be going under the needle again...

One was considering getting stocking seams tattooed. Plus the toes and heels.

The problem with any tattoo is what is in style. Are you making your choice of what to get tattooed because of whats cool now? I have some friends that got biomechanical tats, who are regretting the hell out of that. the tats suphaltus has are gorgeous, and the way things are now with the work that's being done, original awesome work is popping up all over like that.
I have one tat I want to cover up with Lenin's head, and I have several others I may elaborate on. Mine are a collection though. I have three I had done in Germany, one in Arizona, one in Florida. My problem has always been cost. It is expensive.

I finally got around to taking a photo of my tattoo, only to realize that Sulphatus and I have the same brimstone symbol.

I waited five years to get mine, which seems to be a perfectly legit time for me. Yes, I think you need a waiting period for tattoos, yes, I think flash is crap, and yes, I have exactly one tattoo.

I figured out my second about two weeks ago, which means I have a minimum of a year, in my mind, to keep thinking about it. I try to keep to a theme - all black, simple. I don't really like color in tattoos, and I'm not even a huge fan of shading. But then again, I just like things as symbols, plain and simple.

As for the publicness of it? I've kept it hidden at all my jobs, from my father for about five years now (including the year I lived at home) and during many events, due to getting really good at draping shawls. I know there are people out there who won't take me as seriously because of it - hell, I keep it hidden from fellow members because some of them are a bit stodgy - but I purposely chose the location to be shown off or hidden in a controlled manner.

In fact, I already am disappointed in my body...

I think I can speak for pete, kit and myself when I say that we're not at all disappointed in your body.

Your mind, on the other hand...

Mr. meredithea has eleven tats, I think, and to be honest it's one of the immediate things that attracted me to him. None of them are the typical "bad boy" designs, and they're all in places he can cover with clothes for work situations. He's thinking of getting one when our baby comes around Christmas, and is considering getting the baby's footprint and name.
I keep meaning to get one to commemorate getting my doctorate, but I'll have to wait until I'm not pregnant anymore.
Bad tatoos make me sad, but I really enjoy seeing people with artful work on their bodies, like the tats our monkeys here have :)

I think I can speak for pete, kit and myself when I say that we're not at all disappointed in your body.

I respectfully submit that none of you has actually seen it. It is the body of a 37-year-old MMORPG addict. You do the math!

Your mind, on the other hand...

That is a disappointment to us all.

Okay, this is really going to make me sound like a crotchety old fuddy duddy, but it needs to be said...If you're still getting tattoos when you've got kids, you are one mixed up person who probably has no business being a parent.

You do the math!

Oh, we'll do the math allright! Heh heh!

*wink, nod*

Wait -- that doesn't make any sense. But it still sounds dirty, so we'll let it stand.

I am just speaking from personal experience when I speak on the subject of regret. The problem with being in your twenties is not being able to think through the consequences of your actions.

apparently, the problem in your fifties is not being able to understand that your experience is not universal.

Popcorn! Corn dogs! Slushies! Get 'em here!

It seems that Berek's problems with tattoos go WAY beyond the "you'll regret it later when it's not cool and doesn't look good anymore." That last value judgement about parental ability being the most glaring example.

I got tattoos of my kids and wife's names, ergo, on the Berek scale, I am a mixed up fuck who shouldn't be reproducing. Niiiiiiice.

Let's Tattoo Berek!!

*Steps between Berek and suphaltus, at the same time trying to hide his "growing appreciation" for her*

heh heh, whooohooo dirty inuendo. FEELS GOOD!

*lights incense in front of Sidey Shrine, prays for silencing of Berek, whom he totally would have hated in seminar*

I'm an atheist, but if you guys are praying for the silence of Berek, I'll convert.

Gomi, your story reminds me of a trip I took to the creepy tattoo place (semi-rural northern Michigan!) with my friend when we were around that age. She had decided on what she wanted and this being pre-tattoo trendularity, our only option was this place. We walked in to the office which was decorated in KKK posters (including a David Duke for president one) and stacks of porn mags. At that point I think it occurred to me that no one would hear us scream at this place. The guy was supremely icky and we left without the tattoo. She eventually got it at a less squicky place.

Berek, you are such a crotchety old fart in this thread!!

-the idea that one shouldn't have tattoos if they are a parent???
-the idea that one must come to regret them some day
-the idea that any 20something is incapable of thinking thru the consequences of a decision
-the idea that tattoos are inherently low-class

I mean, come on, you are fully free to have and share your own opinion that you don't care for tattoos, but to make these blanket assessments of what it "must" mean if another chooses differently is a bit ludicrous, no?

I know many parents who have tattoos, they are doing just fine in the mommy-daddy department.

my dad got a skull-n-crossbones on his bicep, drunk, in the army, at 17!!! he still fucking loves it at 63. (my dad is quite a character)

I was fully capable of making mature considered decisions in my 20s, and sometimes I even chose to use that ability.

I am not white-trash, I am a product of middle-class suburbia (alright, alright it was in New Jersey!) and my tattoos are art that I designed myself, that I love and that are truly "part of my body" chill dude.

I am trashy, tho...

I think that ultimately, guys, it all boils down to what each person believes about what tattoos symbolize (not the symbology aspect of the art, but what having a tattoo symbolizes as an act).

For some, it is a desecration of the body.

For others, it is a means of personal expression.

Tattoos have, in recent history, been exclusively the perogative of circus performers, bikers, and sailors. However, the art of tattooing goes back thousands of years, and have as its root deep religious belief.

The current trend in tattooing has made the practice commonplace, so that having a tattoo is no longer fringe, but is mainstream. So, if you get a tattoo to rebel, be informed that you are actually getting one to conform.

However, if you get a tattoo to express yourself, decorate yourself, or remind yourself of something significant in your life, then what's wrong with that?

*tries to grab stone from nunia's hand*


Too slow, Grasshopper.

*shrugs, gets out creme de menthe*

I think people that think who think you shouldn't do things if you have kids shouldn't have kids.


I think you shouldn't have kids if you have things that do to you what kids would do to you if you had things to do with them. However, if you already have kids, you should do things that shouldn't be things you wouldn't do if having the kids do them reveals them to be things you shouldn't do. On the other hand, doing things with kids that kids should be doing should be done by people who should be having kids, provided they aren't also doing the things you shouldn't be doing if you should or shouldn't be having kids, depending upon your unique situation.

This I believe.

Berek, you are such a crotchety old fart in this thread!!

I disagree. The tendency is not limited to this thread.

I'm going to press the troll button at this point. The "old fart"'s bio says he graduated from college last year, and unless Iowa State has become far more appealing to the middle aged crowd since I left Iowa, something is amiss here.

What's the story, B? Did you come back from the army and get into school on the GI your 50's? That'd be a pretty unusual story.

Do tell.

RTD, I was trying to be nice!

I just don't have very much practice ;)

Crotchety old farts are the very worst farts.

Don't ask me how I know this.

Gomi, your story reminds me of a trip I took to the creepy tattoo place (semi-rural northern Michigan!)

... and I'm reminded of when I got my first tattoo, early 20s, when it was still rebellious, in the basement of this woman's house in rural Maine. Dogs and kids running around, husband dickering with a car engine in the front yard, cartoons on tv and something with cabbage on the stove. Her studio was clean and she did a good job, though ... I don't regret that one either :)

MonkeyFilter: we can surely just agree that actually you're ALL complete fucking idiots

I'm sure that goes without saying, but it's now immortalized as a tagline. So suck it up.

Where were we? Oh, yes, tatts.

TP, that rose thing is really sweet. And the rest of you, listen up--TP is explaining what kids will do to all your expectations. Ya'll, I never dreamed my boys would have pierced ears and my girls would have tattoos. One of the many, many mindgames that kids will play on you as a parent.

I'm with some of you in that I think many tats look pretty tacky, and I do agree that in a conservative workplace, they are a no-no. However, the world be a-changin', and it will keep on changin' in spite of what you or I think.

Berek, as GramMa usually sez, if you can't say something nice, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! Don't make me hold you down and tattoo ~Our Little Butthead~ on your forehead.

Abie: Amazing that you should post that link. As much as I don't like tattoos, I WOULD get a tattoo from the Pazyryk culture done on my lower right back. It's something that resonated with me the moment I saw it. This tattoo was found on a horsewoman of the Steppes. Nicknamed the Siberian Ice Maiden, she was buried with her horses sacrificed with her. If I can consider a tatt in my vast and straitlaced age, stranger things can happen.

I've posted that comment before. It will probably be a while (never) before I put up and shut up. First, I'm really, really cheap, and second, I tend to hurt people who want to repeatedly poke me with a needle.

Not to worry, Bees, I wouldn't want my ponies sacrificed, but I think I can understand a culture that has horses so integral to their life that they would do such a thing.

There are people out there who think that someone who enlists in the service, only to find that they hate it, is not only a complete "pussy," or maybe a (gasp) "fag," but also a traitor to his/her country since he/she didn't serve proudly. I'm sure Berek, that if anyone had opined that here, about you, and in those terms, you would have found it rude and insulting.

But, maybe you might come to the conclusion that they were convinced that their opinions were indisputable fact, so that anyone who didn't agree was obviously a dastardly villain who needed a good lecture and, possibly, a good beating.

Pretty much all that you've opined about tats, you've presented as fact, while it is just opinion. So what conclusion should we reach, here? Maybe that you've been rude to and insulted people whose opinions differ from yours?

And, by the way, I'm 30 years older than you, and grew up in an era when tattoos were scandalous, much like your experience. I've come to see the good ones as art and the bad ones as kinda silly. My daughter had a white tiger done on her ankle years ago, and it's lovely, though, if she'd asked, I would have suggested some less visible place. It hasn't been a problem for her though, so I would have been wrong.

And, one of my "lost boys" (kids I took in since they were on the street) eventually got a beautiful band on his upper arm, which I almost envied, it was so beautiful. He's now hugely successful at a coffee house in the Bay Area, and has travelled the world learning about coffee culture. And, he was so sweet and funny that I would have adopted him if I could have.

So, please ease off. Meditate for a while on he fact that opinions are meaningless and call me in he morning

My shoulder.

Berek, I am not you, you are not me... it seems to me that our life experiences are as vastly different as our view points on tattoos. That said, don't assume to know how I think, how I will think, or what my life is like/will be... as you obviously have no idea. I promise I'll extend the same courtesy.

*taps on RalphtheDogs shoulder and points at The Underpants Monster*

While I was taking my afternoon nap, I thought about this whole issue. When I was growing up in a small Iowa town, Pop. 750, the only people who had tattoos were from the trailer park, bikers, ex military, ex cons, or the occassional carny at the county fair. Needless to say this formed negative opinions of tattoos for me.

I know that it is no longer the case, that kids, and it is almost exclusively twenty somethings we're talking about, from all classes get them nowadays. There is a reason you very seldom see someone over the age of thirty in a tattoo parlor, as people get older they do become more cognizant of the price of their actions, and there is a price to pay for getting tattoos.

There are potential health problems, which as long as you go to a place that is regularly health department inspected you shouldn't have to worry about, but the real problem is in the message that tattoos send to others. I would be willing to bet that the majority of people over forty in this country have opinions about tattoos similiar to mine. These are the people who will be in charge of your hiring, firing, promotions, etc.

Obviously that is different depending on where your working. If you're a barista in a coffee shop or a musician in a band tats are no problem but if you want to do anything white collar related or where you have to deal with older members of the public, like most retail positions, then they will be a problem.

In short, there are a lot of people like me whose views, for better or worse, are founded upon their experience. And, bad though it may be, if you have kids, they will extend those views to cover your kids. It's not right, but it is.

As for myself, I grimace everytime I see a pretty girl with a tattoo. I always find myself thinking, "why would a beautiful girl do that to herself?". However, most of those are college kids, a lot of them members of the greek community, who got their tattoos as a result of peer pressure and didn't put a lot of thought into them.

As it gets easier and less painful to remove tattoos, and I'm sure it will, I guess all of this will matter less.

I'm sure that if I was to meet Gomi in Meat Space (and you kids think I'm not cool, I've got the lingo down!) that she would sweep me off my feet. Unlike most of the peoples I have met, she does seem more cognizant of what message a tattoo sends.

the "old fart"'s bio says he graduated from college last year, and unless Iowa State has become far more appealing to the middle aged crowd since I left Iowa, something is amiss here.

Auctully, ISU has become more appeallingy to older folks. With the shambles the economy has been of late you find a lot of older folks coming back to school. As for my case ....

I joined the army out of high school because I didn't know what else to do. My family thought that higher education was a waste of money so college wasn't an option at the time. Joined the army to make my father proud. It was a big mistake.

After the army I spent almost twenty years working at one horrible job after another. I was always able to find a job, but keeping it... Well, between the Army and when I entered ISU I had about thirty different jobs.

I spent ten years getting my degree and I no know what comes next. I am still trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Ah, Berek. I could defend myself and my suitability to parent to you, beginning with the fact that I was able to earn my doctorate before I turned 30, and my partner's former successful military career and current career as an educator, but I think it's obvious that your comment was calculated not to make a valid argument but to score easy points by hurting my feelings.

As path said, I have a tattoo of a white tiger just above the ankle on my right leg. I wanted a tattoo for years before I got this one, and spent much time carefully choosing what design I wanted. It was, at least for me, never about trying to be rebellious. The design I finally chose is something that speaks to me and is very much a part of me now. I have never had cause to regret getting it. I have had this for about 15 years now.

As a matter of fact, I want another one. One of these days, when I figure out what exactly I want, I doubtless will get it. I already know where I want the new one, but I prefer to have something that has personal meaning for me, as my first tatt did. It takes some thought. Considering the thought and planning I'm putting into it, and the lack of funds since I'm a po' college student at the moment, I will doubtless be over 40 before I get the next one.

I'm no barista or musician. And my tattoo has never been a barrier to getting a job, despite Berek's generalization about what everyone of a certain age will think of someone with a tattoo. I have worked in some very conservative industries, such as escrow, or when I was technical support at a very conservative and image-conscious hospital. Not one person who has interviewed me, not one client I've worked with, and not one supervisor or boss I've had has ever so much as blinked over the fact that I have a been inked. My experience has been that skills, merit, efficiency, and uncomplaining (even willing) hard work rank higher in hirings and promotions than minor personal adornments.

What it boils down to is a learned prejudice on your part, Berek. Nowhere was that more plain than in your comment to meredithea about not having any business being a parent because of some ink. And it was quite trollish, particularly coming from someone who not so long ago claimed that he did not make ad hominem attacks. But that has been your style - troll periodically, but not every time right out of the box, so you're not obviously a troll.

Now, Berek, I suggest that you should perhaps crawl back under your bridge before the sun turns you to stone.

Sorry, the earlier comment was entirely too flippant, that's why I attempted to explain more fully. In short, my point is that, right or wrong, people judge your kids based on how they judge you. And they judge you based on visual cues, like tattoos.

But the thing is, Berek, that tattoos are no longer considered the exclusive domain of circus folk and criminals - they've become desireable by many young mainstream types. And many people of the 40 and over set who interact with younger folk at all are becoming more tolerant of such things, gradually, and much less judgmental. Hope you can do the same, in time.

Berek, I think you need to meditate a while longer on what folks have said here. They're not 20 somethings, and aren't trailer trash or criminals, and do have good educations, jobs, families, and good lives. The "people judge your kids based on how they judge you" thing is an almost laughable attempt to not discuss your claims reasonably.

So, are you comfortable with the fact that you've pissed off people who are trying very hard to give you the benefit of the doubt?

Yes, I know that. I don't pretend that it's right, proper, or ethical that people judge kids based on their parents, it's just how the world is. And yes, I realize that are many professional people with tats. If you go back and read my long post you'll see that I never said that a tat makes you a bad person, but that is how many people, especially older ones, perceive them.

And yes, I realize that it is a fault of mine that I make those kind of assumptions based on appearance. Lord knows, I have people make assumptions about me based on my appearance.

and the Archie Bunker of Monkeyfilter 2006 award goes to............BEREK!

First off i was excited for this thread to generate so much discussion...considering I thought I was shot down early. But anyway onto my tattoos. I have only two, and they definitely imortalize things I recognize in myself and things I want to to strive to be. The first I got on my left ribs to represent my own winding heart. I have always been the type of person to "appreciate the beauty" of life, and am deeply connected to all others. My second is extremely important to me and has come at a very poignant time in my life. The symbolism in both the om and lotus embodied important things to me as well as what I strive to live for.(Although I walked out of there in a daze and missing the dot for the absolute on my om- so that will have to be added when I am all healed up) Anyway long story short I find them beautiful and important.

As a peace offering I give you all threadless tattoos.

Um, since I'm temporaraly on dial up, and that took too long to load, I'm not sure how it was a peace offering. An apology to the people people you've insulted would be a real peace offering.

Um, unlike you Path, I've never resorted to personal ad hominem attacks. I do apoligize for not initially explainiing my views better.

This is not going to get any better.

*GramMa puts up umbrella, leaves by side door

My goodness. I suppose I'm the worst parent ever - not only did my
daughter and I get tattooed together, she helped design the one on my arm!

No, no Berek - don't get up - I'll call social services on my own right away. ;)

(Just because we're pixels on a screen doesn't mean we aren't real people with real feelings. Be careful with the judging, please?)

I got my first one done nearly 20 years ago, and the only reason I haven't got more is that I'm too mean to blow £50-100 on getting another one. If I had that sort of spare money floating around I'd buy cocaine with it. Doesn't last as long but is still fun.

Yeah, I'd fucking love some charlie right now too.

Well. I think I can spare £25. Maybe we can club together...

wow, this one bears repeating:

If you're still getting tattoos when you've got kids, you are one mixed up person who probably has no business being a parent.
*begins drafting adoption papers to sign toddler over to berek*

If I have kids, I'm getting them tattooed, the little fuckers.

If you're still getting tattoos when you've got kids, you are one mixed up person who probably has no business being a parent.
it'd suck to be polynesian in your world, berek. i guess they'd have died out long ago, huh?

This one is running, unlike a well-inked tattoo!

My dad had a tattoo done when he was young, skull and crossbones thing, and he found it affected people's reactions to him when he got into white collar work much later in life. He got it removed (for free on the good old NHS), but in them days that involved a skin-graft. You can still spot the bit where the hair doesn't grow on his forearm nearly thirty years on. Don't think he ever regretted getting it tho, just regretted the social realities which meant he later had an unneccessary medical procedure.

My brother has a very nice one which is just his hand-print on his bicep - he went into the parlour and put his hand in the condensation on the window and said he wanted that. No affected his career at all (he's a nurse), got it done after his son was born, and he's one of the best parents I know.

Gramma - one of the sexiest tattoos I ever saw was an ex who had a horse she'd copied the design of off a Pictish gravestone in Scotland done on her shoulder-blade.

Touche all.
I got carried away. Like that hardly ever happens.
I am coming from a position of my prejudices and experiences. The people I've met in my life with tattoos got them under the influence of peer pressure or alcohol or both. Little or no thought was put into how they would feel about them in the future. The majority of the people in this thread are obviously not in this category.

I still do not, and don't believe I ever will, understand the impulse to put something on your body that you can't take off. That is probably in large part due to the fact that I believe in keeping the option of reinventing myself, or, if the charges should warrent flight, the ability to disguise myself.

Just to chime in my own two cents, I work with a lot of newly-qualified teachers. Most of them have tattoos, as most twenty-somethings seem to nowadays. From the anecdotal evidence I've gotten from them, they were much more likely to be hired if they kept the tattoo covered. I've worked with a few kids who were turned down for four or five teaching positions and couldn't understand why, only to have their advisors suggest covering the tattoo and be hired immediately for the next one. The one young woman who kept the attitude of "I'm not gonna work for anyone that doesn't love tattoos" attitude ended up giving up teaching and going into research. So, dealbreaker or no, it's definitely a consideration to be weighed into one's decision. Also, consulting with a dermatologist beforehand to see which areas of skin are less likely to change for the worse with aging is a good idea.

and the Archie Bunker of Monkeyfilter 2006 award goes to............BEREK!

They say it's an honour just to be nominated and all, but I'm pretty fucking pissed off right now.

In short, my point is that, right or wrong, people judge your kids based on how they judge you. And they judge you based on visual cues

*wonders how Berek feels about interracial couples/children*

*decides it's better not to ask*

peace offering:

*wonders how Berek feels about interracial couples/children*

Look, I show off my ugly child yet again!

And I am not even yellow!

Wolof, you are a traitor to the purity of the Pink race. When the horrible brown people invade I hope we all cook you up in a giant pakora.


Man, that one's growing up quick.

I would be willing to bet that the majority of people over forty in this country have opinions about tattoos similiar to mine. These are the people who will be in charge of your hiring, firing, promotions, etc.

Count me in the minority of that group.
When I interview/hire people, I judge them based on their qualifications, their experience, and their character (as much as I can glean from the interviews). Anyone in a position of hiring who judges people based on tattoos is doing their company a disservice.

*hands rocket88 a twenty under the table*

wonders how Berek feels about interracial couples/children

That allegation is way out of line. I don't think one can reasonably conflate not liking tattoos with racism. Let's all try to chill out, mkay?

I work with a lot of newly-qualified teachers. Most of them have tattoos, as most twenty-somethings seem to nowadays.

I have tattoos on my legs, which are obviously covered at work. I do take out my eyebrow ring for interviews (generally; I'm leaving it in for an upcoming conducting audition, as the arts community pretty much doesn't care about stuff like that). I also take it out to teach, but that's mostly a classroom management issue: because most of my kids haven't seen it (although they've all heard about it by now), I don't want to distract them and waste instructional time answering questions. That being said, I've accidentally left it in and not scandalized anyone. If it were a tattoo, I wouldn't stress about covering it up daily.

On a different note: Space Kitty's new tattoo is amazing to see in person.

> Anyone in a position of hiring who judges people based on tattoos is doing their company a disservice.

and making the candidates undress, i suppose.

I have absolutely no problem with interracial relationships, although I know that many people do.

As to that last, I've been in the position of hiring people for customer service positions. If somebody's being hired to work were the customer's can't see them it makes no difference, but if there in sales or some such, then it makes a big difference.

I'm not so sure of how apt an analogy miscegenation is to tattooing, either. One doesn't choose one's race, nor with whom one falls in love. I suppose one could choose to not marry and reproduce with the person he loves, but is that really the same as choosing to not have dye njected under one's skin? And although there probably are people out there doing so, in theory a spouse isn't chosen as a fashion accessory or personal artistic statement.

TUM is on to something here. Any style you wish to adopt is fine as long as you understand that it comes with a price. Do not walk into a business where you have to deal with the public and have visible tattoos and then act shcoked if you don't get hired. I have a very funky fashion sense that is monochromatic but when i go to a job interview I dress up and put on a tie.

It is extreme, but I defend the analogy. Berek is saying that people judge children based on the appearance of the parents. If the person judging does not like the look of the parents the child will be judged because of that.

The whole "what about the children" argument is one I've heard used again and again to justify maintaining separation between the races, because of the way the children will be judged by an intolerants society. "Sure, it's not fair," these arguments often go, "but that's just the way people from a certain generation think." On and on and on. It's a way of perpetuating prejudices.

I don't believe that Berek is a racist. I'm just pointing out that the argument has the same level of ridiculousness as the argument I've just summarized.

Wolof, that is one adorable ugly child!

Thank you, TP - I do understand your analogy better now.

I people with tattoos start getting hired for customer service or teaching positions, and they do a good job and act professionally, then the attitudes and prejudices that Berek and others of his generation have will start to disappear. Berek's opinions are based on his observation of the type of people who got tattoos 20, 30, maybe 40 years ago. Those judgements don't apply anymore. Tattoos are more ubiquitous among all segments of society, and can no longer be used to judge people. They're not just for social rebels anymore.

All I know is that John Kerry has a tiny panda bear tattoo on his lower back, and he's not President.

I got a halfy too, and she has weird face deformity. She is half Navajo half German, so her ability to sneak up on people is greatly hindered by her smell of kraut and her goosestepping.

So, she can break her own secret codes!

Wolof, your kid looks just like my niece, who was adopted from China.

What a sweet little face!

Glama, that little monkey looks perfect.

Is this thread turning into a "show me your chillins" thread? If so, that would be a much better turn of events.

Extra points for showing our chilluns' tattoos?

I am yellow. But that's just cos I really need a wee but am too lazy to go.

Those kids are gorgeous. Well done one and all.

Good looking kids must make the whole parenting thing easier. Spread the feeding of attention around, pretty soon they're self-sustaining.

Thanks for the pics, guys. More please!

Here's mine, when they are best behaved.

My son is from Minnesota, and my daughter is from Placeland.

As you can see, my people are from Nordistan.

Chloroform can really help with those long road trips...

such lovely children.

my laughing boy, taken a couple of months ago.


*prints, crops, puts in wallet for when he's applying for mortgages under false names*

such cute little monkeys...

OK! This is not a picture of a kid! This is tattoo related! It is extremely NSFW, if my boss had not sent it to me I would have never clicked it.
If you do look though look at the last picture. It is a doozy.
Here (NSFW!)

Ouch. If it's real, ouch.

Mind you, when I was lifeguarding, I got to see plenty of bad tattoos -- one of the worst was this guy who had his nipple inked to become a 3D spider on a spiderweb. Such a crappy ink job, he'd have been better off with a Sharpie.

I don't know if I'm flattered or creeped out that Capt would pass off my kids as his own.




> This is tattoo related! It is extremely NSFW,

wowsa. i can only take my hat off for the unknown tattooee.
(and maybe hope he'll use my hat to cover up some of his bits)

glamajamma, thanks for posting that wonderful (NSFW) link. I have seen that before, and as the proud sporter of a dragon tattoo myself, can I just say: THAT IS SO FOOKING COOL!!!

Like I said before a lot of the feelings I have about tattoos comes from people I've met. Especially here in Ames, most people with them are young college kids who got them with little or no thought under the influence of either peer pressure or alcohol or both. It's obvious that most of the people posting here do not fall into that category. Having said that, there msut be at least one of you all that has a tattoo they regret. I would be interested to hear from someone in that situation.

I am torn about the whole idea of tattoos becoming acceptable. As someone who is, in his own way, a rebel without a clue there are times when I wish that people didn't look so askance at the way I dress. But, the main reason I dress the way I do is to differentiate myself from everyone else. I may be wrong but I presume that the reason most of you got tattoos was to stick out from the crowd. Assuming that this is the case, isn't it disengenuous to then complain because the crowd doesn't accept you?

Berek, first of all, could you please post a pic with a typical wardrobe sample? I am deeply curious.

second, no, I did not personally get my tattoos to um..."stick out from the crowd" (really all of my life I've stuck out even when I tried my hardest to fit in, even when I wanted to blend invisibly. at this point I really don't give a flying fuck what others think of me, as long as they admire my hair!)

I got my tattoos as art that I wanted on my body, for myself. in many instances neither of them show when I am out n about. I have many friends with even more intimately place tattoos. they become something of a private art exhibit for those with whom one has...ahem, a closer relationship. I like that.

*seconds wardrobe pic request*

HM, maybe, if I can figure out how to do it. I've got some pictures on my computer, I just have to figure out how to get them in monkeyvision. That could take awhile.

In the meantime I have a question....You all are saying that modifying your body through tattooing is okay. Is there any point at which you draw a line and say, this is too harmful/bizarre/sick/etc? What if you knew someone who wanted to do this (definently NSFW) or this?

You don't need to go to extremes to prove your point, Berek.

Cutting off your penis is not a good analog for getting a tattoo.

god. I didnt know voluntary amputation really existed besides transgender surgeries. That is truly interesting, and perplexing.

But I agree in that I dont liken it to a tattoo in the least ;)

Berek - open a Flickr account and upload those pictures (

I did not mean to make a direct comparison between the two. I was using the most extreme example I could find in order to frame the question, What level of body modification is too much? There are some people that would say peirced ears is to far, others that tattoos are too far. My question is, where would you all draw the line?

rushmc - I didn't say that rock stars didn't embody the tacky (or that they really do - it's a subculture, more or less, that is not meant to conform to mainstream white-collar culture), I just said that it's kind of expected and they can get away with it. But most average people cannot get away with trying to look like rock stars for long, without some social consequences, usually in terms of employability. And most average people trying to look like, say, Tommy Lee, are not going to be able to pull it off, unless they somehow work in the entertainment industry (club and concert promoter, for example).

That goes way beyond tattoos... I mean, most people I know are kind of scandalized that I had to take out a small labret piercing, a little jeweled stud with a CZ in it that sat below my lower lip, to work a low-paying job in a relatively alternative bookstore in a major city. But I did, wasn't even allowed to wear a retainer in the piercing, and at that point, I otherwise looked perfectly normal. I wouldn't go so far as Berek has done, but there are still plenty of jobs you won't be given if you have tats that can't be covered. (Or blue and purple hair, or multiple eyebrow rings, or etc.) (Would you want those jobs, though?)

Saying this is making me sound anti-tat, and I'm not... I just haven't taken the jump, don't know if I ever will. There are a lot of art styles I don't like, or at least ones that aren't often done well. I would have to find the right design and the right artist. And the right place on my body. I used to like the lower back area, and NEVER wear low-rise jeans, but it's just become a focus of too much negativity ("tramp stamp" "come target" etc), and anyway, I never did come up with a design for that area. I used to want "yume" (the kanji for "dream") in a particular archaic script, in black at the very top of my back, just below my neck, but I didn't get it for several reasons. One is that I know too many people who take an extremely negative view of white people getting kanji tattoos, even if the tattooee knows exactly what they're doing. Another is that I could never find a version of the character that I actually liked.

FWIW, I know many people who didn't get tats until they became parents. They didn't know what they wanted until then. Most wouldn't get their spouse's name tattooed, but most would get pieces honoring their kids, on the reasonable assumption that they'll always love the kids even if the relationship with the spouse ends.

The Pazyryk drawing that, um, BlueHorse(?) posted... it's so beautiful. Everyone's kids are so darn cute. And I thought you guys might like to see this Flickr search I did, on swallow tattoos - there are some really lovely images there, with maybe a few surprises.

Awwww all the cute baby Monkeys!

OK wait comparing severing penis guy to tattoo people is like comparing your common WASP to crazy fundamentalist christian wacko. BUT cut off penis guys is only cutting off HIS penis, and not blowing doctors because they perform abortions. So stop citing bs Barek!
I think this is a slippery slope argument, but "I am so wasetd" right now I could not say.

blowing up DR, but the other version is funny.
*still drunk*

yeah, what's with this whole "how far is too far" thing? Why should there be a line to be drawn?

Put it this way, I don't buy the idea that there is any body modification, no matter how extreme, that I would regard as being more depraved than, say, someone getting into the drivers seat of a car, drunk. Cos the first one aint doing anything to anyone except themselves.

So why should I look to draw a line, when there are so many much much more common things, that are so much worse?

Most wouldn't get their spouse's name tattooed

Yeah, we can't all get away with "Wino Forever!"

I know some tattoo artists and have gotten several tattoos, and most artists won't tattoo a drunk person. Some won't even tattoo you the day after drinking, because apparently drinking thins the blood.

I think this is a slippery slope argument

Whoa! Go back and read what I wrote. At no time did I say that the one leads to the other. My question was merely is there any kind of body modification we should draw the line at?

I don't buy the idea that there is any body modification, no matter how extreme, that I would regard as being more depraved than, say, someone getting into the drivers seat of a car, drunk.

So, following this logic, I can say that child molestation is okay because it's not as depraved as genocide?

BUT cut off penis guys is only cutting off HIS penis, and not blowing doctors because they perform abortions.

I assume that there's supposed to be a up behind the blowing in that sentence? Although I kind of like the idea of anti-abortionists performing blow jobs on doctors!

I guess when I framed my question about what level of body modification is okay I should have pointed out that help is required. The amputee devotees have someone help them who performs the operation, just like tattoos are performed by a professional. Should there be a limit on what body modifications someone can perform on others?

> Should there be a limit on what body modifications someone can perform on others?

yes. see also assisted suicide legislation.

Check out this freak of nature!
I agree with a bit of what your saying Berek. I think relativism has pretty much given the green light to abolute nut jobs to do whatever they want to themselves. Yeah there is a certain amount of restraint a culture should exert on nut jobs, and these guys are nut jobs. But tattoos are part of human history. It does not impact your body in any way outside of the decorative part. We could go the other way with the slippery slope and say earrings and haircuts and shaving are all unneccesary forms of body modification. But I don't want to date a chick with hairy pits and hairy legs, it's gross.

don't ask me, cause I am a "card-carrying" pro-Kevorkian proponent of assisted-suicide/self-determined euthanasia for the terminally ill. because I am pro-choice. if you want to modify yr own body, to whatever extreme (as long as it doesn't hurt another) than go for it.

/hungover but not drunk...yet.

But I don't want to date a chick with hairy pits and hairy legs, it's gross.

I used to think this but then I met a gal I really liked and overcame it. Part of that had to do with the fact that the sex with her was truly fantastic.

I have been thinking about this whole tattoo thing a lot. I realize that I am coming at this from a place of my own prejudices and dislikes. If I met a guy or gal that I was intellectually and emotionally attracted to I would probably be able to overcome my revulsion to tattoos.

Dad never liked Mom to wear earrings. He used to say "Why don't you just go ahead and put a bone through your nose while you're at it?"

(I'm not trying to make any kind of point. I've just had some tequila and remembered a funny story.)

Look, I show off my ugly child yet again!

*Snatches up adorable smiley almond-eye cutie to cover with kisses

*sees others, breaks out cookies and candy and begins spoiling to total dismay of parents

Berek - open a Flickr account and upload those pictures (


Dad never liked Mom to wear earrings.
When my mother got her ears pierced at the age of 50-something (menopausal rebellion?), my father's response was "two more holes in your head!" Hmph.

when I was 13 and wanted my ears pierced my dad said "no, its barbaric" but my mom said "oh, I've been thinking of getting mine pierced, we'll go this weekend" so rarely did my mom back us up against my dad's curmugeonly faux-convervative poo....

anyway, I am drunk :)

Hey, Medusa - I got my ear cartilage pierced at the same time as my daughter did. A coming-of-age and a going-of-age experience! Heh.

Are those Flickr pictures Berek?!?!?

She will definitely need reconstructive surgery when she grows up

oooh! ear cartilage, hurts so good. (one tragus piercing after a very painful breakup ~10 years ago...)

I had 15 piercings in my ears when I was in high school, some 15 years ago. I wore silver rings that started small at the top and enlarged toward my earlobe.

I was the only one in school with that many holes in my ears.

And my senior pictures were awesome.

gah, i hope the piercing was less painful than the breakup, Medusa... i've always stayed away from cartilage. :)

(I have all this "look, i pierced my cartilage... haha, fooled you!" jewelry, though. Haven't worn it in at least 5 or 6 years... I guess it was an early-twenties thing, for me anyway.)

We could go the other way with the slippery slope and say earrings and haircuts and shaving are all unneccesary forms of body modification.

There are indeed those that think this. Their called the Taliban.

Are those Flickr pictures Berek?!?!?</>

Yep. Ugly bastard ain't he?

honestly, bone pierceing would have been less painfull than that breakup

/drunk andoiver it now :)

I've taken my earings out (lobe and cartilage). Not because of any outside pressure, simply because I think they are a young man's game, and the older I get, the more I think I want to go in disguise - I'm still the same drug-popping degenerate I've always been, except now I own a cordroy jacket. No one suspects a thing! Ha HA HAAAAAA!!!!!

Me too -- all piercings grown over, short hair, straight clothing. Only crazy in private now!

I developed all kinds of crazy skin sensitivities in my twenties and had to let the old earlobes heal over.

But, will Pierce Brosnan ever heal?

Monkeyfilter - still the same drug-popping degenerate I've always been, except now I own a corduroy jacket.

Ha ha Medusa, I had my tragus pierced FIRST, 11 years ago! PWNT!
The painful breakup came after. Not related to the tragus piercing. And I still wear a ring there cuz it looks nice, and I like to fiddle with it.

I have a pierced right nipple. I did it myself when I was 16. I did lefty first, but it was rubbish, so I had to do righty knowing how fucking painful it would be.

I didn't think people had tragi 11 years ago.

It's a derived trait, fish tick, that corresponds to a reduction in the size of the xyphoid process.

BTW, unrelated to tragi and meatuses, but I finally got a look at the DragonPeen, and I think it's probably body painting and not tattooing.

At least one hopes.

It adds a whole new spin on "drain the lizard."

it is a tattoo TP

I'm still the same drug-popping degenerate I've always been, except now I own a corduroy jacket.

I went the other way, I dress like a degenerate so people are thrown off when I start discussing Hume or Adorno.

Not only is it a tattoo, here's the really scary thing: It's Bill Clinton.

the older I get, the more I think I want to go in disguise

Yep, the older you get, the more you want to be able to hide from those warrents.


I used to have my cartilage pierced, years ago. I had the left one pierced twice, and the right once. I let them grow together because I got it done at Claires rather than a good piercing/tatoo parlor and they were never really comfortable. I also have each earlobe pierced twice, because at one point I wanted to look (however distantly) like Molly Ringwald. (She was the first person I'd ever seen with two earrings in each ear, and a friend and I did it together after a John Hughes movie marathon.) I usually only wear teensy gold hoops in one set, but I'll wear my grandmother's big honkin' (to me) diamonds in the other set if I want to be fancy. I also got my nose pierced about eight years ago (in honor of finishing my first semester of grad school), and I wear a gold nasal screw with a little diamond in it. I figure cheap body jewelry helps no one ;) I guess my jewelry philosophy is to wear less, and of higher quality, but I think it's less about taste and more that a) I'm allergic to costume jewelry and b) I can't be bothered changing my jewelry on a daily basis because I'm lazy.

Oh, "one" meaning the top of my ear, in both cases above.

Warrents, warrants....10 years in college just doesn't get you very far these days...

sumtims my speling sucs.

Ah, who among us didn't want to be Molly? Or some wild, wonderful mix of Molly and Whitney. "Pretty in Pink" was, like my theme song. The movie, not the song. I mean, I liked the song, but the movie, was like, my theme movie.

Screw those other lame movies, I was going to be Molly Ringwald as Claire and grow up to marry whatshisname from The Breakfast Club.

Whitney? I hope you don't mean Houston.

Her voice is like sandpaper on my teeth.

And throw Bette Midler in that category.

What does Bette Midler have to do with skipping out on your warrants?

If you can't keep up with the tangental conversation, then you needs to be UP SHUTTIN.


"Oh no, Bette Midler!"

Naw, I was all about Ducky from Pretty in Pink. I would have been way smarter than Molly and ended up with Ducky instead of Blaine.

If we talk about piercings- I have my lobes gauged to a 6, the traditional helix cartilage piercing in my left ear and an industrial in my right ear. I have thought about both rook and tragus piercings but the way cartilage heals is frightening.

In the original script of Pretty in Pink, Andie did end up with Duckie.

But test audiences hated it, which may have been partly related to the fact that Molly was sick as a dog when they shot the prom sequence.

So they reshot the sequence to change the ending.

The novelization was written before the ending was reshot, and it was too late to change it... Andie and Duckie do get together in the novelization.

(Which I have.)

And then John Hughes redid the same plot, essentially, with the proper ending, a year later, with Some Kind of Wonderful. (Although the "Blaine" character in that one, played by Lea Thompson, wasn't wealthy, just a girl who had dated a member of the wealthy crowd.)

Personally my dream girl has always been Linda Fiorentino's character in "The Last Seduction". Yeah, I've always had a thing for the kind of woman who's likely to leave or dead in a ditch somewhere.

I've always had a thing for the kind of woman who's likely to leave me for dead in a ditch somewhere.

Somtims my figres no wrok so god.

I'd heard that, verbminx, and I wish they could unearth that original footage! You'd think that I would love SKoW, but I really, really don't. My sister and I have been known to watch PiP and stop it before the part where she ends up with Blaine. Lame, but true.

Also, I'd love to get my hands on that novelization :)

Berek, Linda Fiorentino's character in 'The Last Seduction' is my IDOL!! I can only aspire to being so evil, but I'll try....

and yes, I would probably leave you dead in a ditch somewhere, but not until I'd implanted my alien embryo spawm monsters in yr thoracic cavity...

Ah, Linda Fiorentino....*slobber*...

Something Berek and I can agree on. :)

Linda: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I just killed your fucking dog."

I alwayd figured Duckie was gay. I mean, c'mon!


*ducks duckies*

Elton John's Fashion Advice

now I do indulge my passion
for lime slice and soda water
with every cube of ice's
cool tinkling on my glass -
placed next to skin feels nicer
in this weather than it oughta

and if it gets any hotter
I'll not bee content to swelter
but say to hell with fashion
and go madly dashing from the shelter
of the shade and an ade that's
all-but-its-fizzle - most homemade

Not mine, but somebody just got a tattoo of one of my paintings!

hubba hubba!

Dear Sir or Madam,

As the authorised representatives of Hello Pussy (Italia) Holding Company S.p.A we demand the immediate removal of our intellectual property from your epidermis by the measures of scaling, skinning, airbrushing, amputation, immolation or disintegration forthwith and proof of same delivered to our offices within seven (7) days lest we unleash upon thee the flesh-eating viruses, tigers, lawyers, in-laws and etc pertaining to our international rights under Article 7 subsection 5 of the TRIPS Agreement and relevant national laws we remain sir or madam yours.

Well Hello!

The Darth Kitty is very much cute, and lends itself well to skin art. Don't be shocked if you see more of them.

Maybe, kitfisto, you should set up a page of ready-to-print tattoo outlines that kids can take to the parlors and easily reproduce on their skin?

I am actually thinking of looking into those temporary tattoos, you know the ones you wet then stick on like you used to get with bubble gum...

Just need to find a manufacturer.

Ooh, the LSD tattoos.

Takes me back.

*swings at swirling blue globs in front of face*

Now if it got stamped on to acid tabs, THAT would be pretty cool...

If I were ever to get a tattoo, I think Hello Kitty® would have to be involved.

If there was a copyright problem, I'd go with her public-domain cousin, Greetings Feline®, whose nose is slightly lower.

Um, yeah, that's the one I used...

*exits whistling*

That's so much better than the Salutations Felis® one I have below my navel.


Yeah, I'm regretting the 'Oi Moggy' one on my arm

My daughter had a press-on Pirates of the Carob-thing tattoo on her arm.

I told her that she'd eventually regret getting it.

As it turned out, she had feelings of regret not two hours later.

See how right I am?

There's a Greetings Pussy® up for grabs here.

I am always up for free.... ohhh nevermind.

I agree with Earwax.

It should have been this, darn'd button!
A collection of unfortunate tattoos, including a few NSFW. Puff the Magic Dragon, from up the thread, is included (bottom of Part 2), along with his female counterpart (bottom of Part 4).

ok, I have to say I really like that last one (on page 4, NSFW, nor for those with an irrational fear of getting their dicks bitten off by a vagina...)

"Of course you don't have teeth down there. Look at the shape your gums are in!"



You guys...

Just got the inside of my bicep done yesterday.


Doesnt come off as awesome in the picture as it does in real life. Once it heals the tattoist wants to put it in his portfolio, so I will have a good pic then.

That's beautiful.

I'm seriously in the market for a new tatt. I think I want a cartoony skull and crosbones type thing on my upper arm. I've started sketching it out...

I'm going to get the words FINE THANKS tattooed on my forehead. Then, when people ask me, "Hey quidnunc, how are you today?" I can just point to my forehead. Basically I really fucking hate talking to people so I think this will save valuable seconds that I can devote to other pursuits.

Thinking about it, I might also get the words YES and NO tattooed on my two palms, enabling me to extend my "epidermal communication" to answer simple questions. I will also shave my head and have "GOOD DAY" inked into the top of my scalp, and hence will be able to greet people with a short bow. That phrase will be sufficient to communicate both a formal salutation and a curt "goodbye". Oh, the numerous seconds of hateful talking-to-others that I shall be spared!

I'm goint to have 'diuq llik' tattoed on my forheard, so every morning as I shave I will be reminded of my mission.

forehead, obv.

But why stop there? Various pictograms of necessary consumables - let us say, beer, cigarettes, milk and bread - could be tattooed up my right forearm. My left forearm could then host the words "please" and "thank you". With only the sacrifice of never wearing a long-sleeved top, my trip to the corner store could proceed as follows:

1. I walk in and bow, signalling "Good Day".
2. I extend my right forearm and point to symbol for "milk".
3. I then extend my left forearm, and point to the word "please". There is no need to be impolite.
4. I pay for my goods - pointing to my forehead should the shopkeep, by way of small-talk, inquire about my health (4-bis).
5. I extend again my left forearm and point to the relevant phrase of gratitude.
6. I exit the store subsequent to another bow, communicating a formal "goodbye".

It's obvious that this simple system could obviate the need for me to engage in a large quantity of detested discussions with my fellow persons.

Sounds great. We'll all chip in.

Of course, this system might still be thought too economical: let us imagine further the phrase, "Oh, really?" tattooed onto one of my elbows. Each cheek might also be used to bear certain no-less-necessary communiqués - "Do you have the time?" perhaps, or "Excuse me, I believe that this is your umbrella". Directly under my chin there is space for a number of useful expressions, and by merely lifting my head I could display a list of closely-typed sentences from which to choose, including:

(a) I'm afraid I cannot give you directions, as I am not familiar with this area of the city.
(b) I wonder if I might be so bold as to suggest that you should invest in a waterproof coat, given the perennial inclemency of the weather in August?
(c) That's a good point about Shostakovich, however I find that, while I will always value his muscular and dynamic compositions, and particularly his innovative use of the woodwind section, in latter times I have been drawn to the opinion that Sergei Prokofiev is in fact the superior composer of the two.

You'll be doing a lot of dancing, it would appear. It reminds me of people who, when relating a conversation they had, say,
"He turns round to me and says ..., so I turn round to him and say you can't turn round to me and say that, and he turns round to me and says..."

Also having several chins and loose flaps of skin would help to fit all the vocab on.

Or you could get various letters along the fingers of both hands, so you could interweave those fingers and spell all sorts of words and phrases.

*Raises left "NO" palm*
*Raises left forearm, points to THANK YOU*

Maybe I could just get some food tattooed onto my stomach lining.

*blinks, revealling tattooed eyelids reading "SHUT UP" "MORAN"*

(I wasn't blinking at you, TUM. Obv.)

*extends elbow*

*applauds, whistles*

take it off!!

I can hardly wait to see what he tattoos in his armpits, or ....

Never mind. I can wait.

I think what you really need is a display, quid. The Illustrated ManQuidnunc.

Remember Slim Goodbody?

His home page is here but Wiki had a better photo

Thank you, TUM, for reintroducing that to our long, national nighmare.

*tips brain-shaped hat*

He taught kids

And children, I think this goes to show that you should never abuse your right to tattoo.

Inquiring minds want to know what you'll be doing with all those extra seconds you save with your new and improved form of non-verbality, Mr. Quid.

I hope he never has to swat mosquitos when he's in public--could be arrested for obscenity.

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