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July 25, 2006

INAPPROPRIATE CAPS: Misleading title 4 exclamation points The Daily Kos hive mind parodies itself.

Gun jumping denial

Statement of principle followed by veiled accusations of treason for those holding dissenting view.


Observation that this has been done better elsewhere.

Insistence that your favourite band sucks.

General disregard and overwhelming apathy.

pithy snark

Addendum to the previous comment to essentially reiterate the statement, except that U2 are complete sellouts and suck more than the others. Just sayin'.

Nonsequitor faux-request for disciplinary action against certain near ubiquitous poster, despite the fact that any humor this 'in-joke' may have contained dried up long ago



Repeat ad nauseum.

Immediate follow up post directing readers to mentally correct minor typographical error, as per usual

Insertion of kittens and/or puppies.

Request for someone to explain wtf a Kos is.

Obligatory welcome to our new Kos overlords.

Is this something I would need a television to know about?

Comment about how television is evil/trite/boring.

(p.s. Did anybody else have trouble with that link and Firefox? I kept getting errors about trying to run inactive scripts, followed by a complete browser lockup.)

Comment detailing the wonderful programming to be found on television if you look hard enough. Follow-up remark referring to Lara as an elitist jerk.

Link to some obscure site that loads a 404 error.

I wish MoFi was good, like it used to be. :)

oops, meant :(. Fuck, can't even get 1990's emoticons right. Maybe I should just jump off a bridge.

Insert Godwin here.

Consideration of this as a double post.

Vague threats about eeking. Decision postponed on account of the ten people who hadn't seen this link the first time.



Demand that we ban berek.

daisy_may reference.

Eyeroll, request that everyone stop going on about THAT ONE TIME, okay?

Insert < b>MonkeyFilter: Tagline< /b> here

Claims of double postage, without linkage evidence.

Complaint about reference to horse buggery

Italicized quote of tracicle's vague threat, followed by a reference to this comment.

*uses silly asterisk device to speak in third person*

uses small text

Someone posting that they've got nothing.

/got nuthin'

*waves at somebody upthread*

*waves to person who just waved to somebody upthread*


Comment telling said lurker to leave thread to old schoolers, go back to lurking.




Unsupported, terse declaration that subject of FPP sucks.

Reference to this one time at band camp...

Mistakenly posted comment that belongs in another thread.

Apology for above comment.

Unrelated complaint about my inability to get laid.

*enjoys anal massage in the fens*

Comment that rhymes with the above comment.

First in a long string of obvious puns.

║ ║ ╔╦╦╗ ║ ╔╦╦╗ ║ ║
║ ║ ╠╬╬╣ ║ ╠╬╬╣ ║ ║
║ ║ ╚╩╩╝ ║ ╚╩╩╝ ║ ║
║ ║ ╔══╗ ║ ╔══╗ ║ ║
║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║
║ ║ ╚══╝ ║ ╚══╝ ║ ║
║ ║ ╔══╗ ║ ╔══╗ ║ ║
║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║
║ ║ ╚══╝ ║ ╚══╝ ║ ║
║ ║ ╔══╗ ║ ╔══╗ ║ ║
║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║ ║
║ ║ ╚══╝ ║ ╚══╝ ║ ║

slaps self for forgetting <code> tags and nonbreaking spaces

Obligatory bananas for roryk in bold, italics, exclamation marks, one one one.

Quoted comment from lurker upthread

Giant .jpg that declares "STFU N00B!!1!" and begins a deluge of photos.

Joke(?) that no one understands.

link to more of same

Request for administrator to provide commentator with the adjective noun she verbs this place with and the gerund caconymy for Chy.

Reaction to quidquote proving I didn't get what he was saying.

Fairly snotty comment reminding of the obvious: not everyone reads MeFi.

*still doesn't know wtf a Kos is*

some various Monty Python quote.

*flirts with Koko/TUM/Medusa/GramMa/self*

Meaningless insult regarding Quid's corpse and sexual deviancies.

Re pete pithy sentiment
versed, income pentantly
in articulate leeway
An Om age
poor L. bees

Comment posted twice by thumble-thumbs.

Comment posted twice by thumble-thumbs.

squared post!

post contening mispelled words and punctuation's errors

post chastizing self and correcting errors containing other erors

Dancing Hitler!

<please imagine the animated .gif here>

Plea to remember the children.
Please, gawd, remember the children!

I KNEW I forgot something!

*runs back to locked car*

ok am i the only desparate who caught the captains inappropriate and unrelated post? Goes nbak to lala land

prematurely calls end of thread

Query on wether we've had a call to ban Berek yet, and obligatory first reference to a quidcorpse.

200th now-getting-old pun.

pre-exisiting unrelated noodling.

declares winner of thread

Everyone else secretly disappointed.

wonders where kitfisto is

fastidious updating of the adjective noun you verb this place with wiki page

expresses surprise that a wiki exists for this place

observation that kitfisto is in England, DUH.

Mentions to pete where kitfisto is as if no-one else is a party to their conversation.

*shakes fist at Koko for beating him to the punch, encourages further needling*

thanks Louis, wishes kit get-well-soon, questions logical possibility of soccer as a game

remark that I am also not feeling well; unabashed plea for sympathy

*pretends to eat something or drink something or otherwise mimic social RL atmosphere

/forgets which tag is standard at mofi for denoting physical action


State that today is my birthday, and insist on many many bananas.

Stingily types only one italicized left facing parenthesis.

Comment bemoaning lateness to party.

First in long string of comments wishing nunia a happy birthday (((((

W.S. Gilbert lyric.
Picture of white-moustachioed cat.

overwrought cooing to squeeful kitty pic

Unread link to be ignored by posters, undiscussed by lurkers

Comment on how my birthday means that now I'm at my sexual peak, and make several inappropriate and unfair innuendos to excite male members in the thread.

Male Member in the Thread joke.

Obligatory "hubba hubba".

Also, plea to Tracicle to add a preview button.

Quotes Lara, puts "obligatory first reference to a quidcorpse" in italics

Points out eariler reference to quidcorpse by self

Does small and self-satisfied victory dance

*resists nunia's sexual innuendos, knowing she is married to a fellow monkey and probably wouldn't put out anyway*

*giggles at timeless in-you-end-o joke*

Makes disgusting followup reference to quidquorpse, to be justifiably ignored.

unthinking knee-jerk response

deleted after preview

realizes wrong button was pressed


Pointing out uselesness of thread if no pictures are provided

Pretending not to care about incorrect spelling

Verbose post of polysyllabic words in an effort to engender a sense of nebulus credibility and intelligence, only to be called an attention whore in the very next post.

Cherished maternal figure threatens unruly posters with physical punishment unless they behave. Offers cookies when that doesn't work.

Hugs cherished maternal figure, angles for extra cookies

Indirectly rats on pete to cherished maternal figure, angles to become favourite.

Long, rambling, incoherent rant that manages to insult every single member of the site.

Apology, 16 hours later, for the rant, mentioning she was PWI.

*you lucky people! you get a special bonus comma in my last post.

Inserts retarded pun-like Culture Club parody.

Comma comma comma comma
Comma chameleon
You come and post
You come and post...♫

*bemoans having nothing better to do today, looks book on landslides that she should be reading*

Derail about landslides and TV Dinners.

Notes that Lara has boring MoFi name, offset by hair with body that is shiny-clean, manageable and touchably soft.


Manages to bring up tubgirl, the Hoff, and goatsie in a single, meaningless comment, only because none of you were creative enough to think of it.

Accusation that somehow, all of this is tracicle's fault.

Censorship is justified by banning accusator.

Obligatory but
still kinda cool
monkeyfilter and people in it
daring bees to do better.

Drubken rambling.

Clamming out.


#mofirc injoke.

fuck spider!

Warzog comment

Later related updates posted diligently by homunculus.


Announcement of futile attention grabbing attempt by faking own myspace death. This isn't my account, but y'all might want to know... Mord died three days ago.


Wait are you saying mord isnt posting and you are posting under his name because he is dead?
Either that is fucked up humor or no concept of tact.

Usual whining.

DOuble INitial CAp

fucking gratuitous poxy obscenities.

Apropos of nothing Medusa pee reference.

Closeted Monkey outed.

Suggestion that said Monkey is in fact not gay, just really unlucky, not that it would mean anything either way.

Small font snide remark about footwear, with link to damning comment in another thread.

Sad attempt to reclaim lost dignity by pointing out that said footwear is size XL.

Pointed remark about scrunched-up newspaper stuffing in toes.

Alarm at someone using my account to announce my death!

Must have been monkeybutt pirates. Their special secret...... they enter in the butt!

Image hosted by

Not at all entertaining photo posted by new Monkey who just learned how to use the img tag

*points at Nickdanger*

Also, a proverbial raised eyebrow at news that a ceratin person purchases footwear in "XL"-type sizes, instead of, say, size 12. That'd be a men's 12.

*suspiciously absent from most of thread*

*wonders who here drives a monster truck*

Curmudgeonly rant about kids these days.

*inserts rambling inappropriate drunken comment*

*wonders who here drives a monster truck*

89 Dodge D150 wit-a 318

Not monster, but definitely ugly.

*wonders why no one has said happy birthday to tracicle*

bleary-eyed post about the amazing inability of one frequent thread participant to STILL not get the gist of the thread 147 posts into it.

[insert Wendell showbiz story here]

Kidding rant about curmudgeon today.


there, I did it, ya happy now?

seriously, happy bday, Tracicle, happy 19th birthday, right???

I love me some Medusa.

Unworkable comparison of nunia to Hitler.

Repetitious phrase from an annoying commercial.
Repetitious phrase from an annoying commercial.
Repetitious phrase from an annoying commercial.

italicized Medusa pee reference

*standard refutation that it's Petebest that should have ahe pee reference and usual tastless comment on a certain member's lack of pants

*inserts tagline*

-derivation of amusment-

Owl semen, pandas, and bizarre Japanese toys.

Comment, triggered by owl semen reference, lamenting the loss of Bernockle.

Mournful suggestion that monkeys take a look at Chy's profile page.

Yeah, where is Chyren today?

Reference to previous comment.

Call to end thread and redirect energies to banning the one who deserves it so.

Suggestion that everyone send Chy money.

Call for thread necro.

Distracted comment that people are still in this thread

Non-sequitur mention of strap-on cephalopod in vain hopes of getting another snicker from it.
Tip of hat to koko comment above.

Comment indicating smouldering resentment on whole footwear thing, especially as said footwear totally comes in XL and not regular shoe sizes so there.

smarmy question in regards to how much newspaper louis "reads" in a particular day

Lyrics from a song,
That I think are apropos,
But the context is all wrong,
And just proves that I don't know

Observation that the clueless footwear guy is in one of his bitchy barbara moods. Again.

Continuity is overrated!

its the printing ink stains on his socks

Non-sequitor statement by monkey that still doesn't get it.

Statement that self doesn't get it, but comments anyway.

Lament about lack of horse buggery in thread.

JRun joke referencing MoFi's downtime yesterday.

rolls eyes and tries again
*insert non-sequitor*

reference to Soviet Russian inserting non-sequitor in YOU!

obligatory spelling correction to "non sequitur"

Tipsy Faulkner reference.

Picture of 1970's TV character whose name kind of sounds like something further up in discussion.

Apologies for previous curmudgeonly rant, that kind of comes off as a pathetic cry for peer approval.

pointless rambling anecdote, ignored by all, about awesome birthday and stuff.

Also some small text to remind everyone to stay on topic and offer helpful responses only.

Approval for TUM's peer.

observation that lazy shark has been jumped by quick brown shark

sniveling half apology for making path mad

comment about how old yer GramMa is

*threats of physical violence directed at immature monkeys in post

*wonders how many monkeys in post are not immature*

I'm not sure how are immature, but I think many are pretty ripe.

Resurrection of dormant thread with related link.
posted by homunculus at 2:09 UTC on August 4, 2006

Comment expressing bewilderment at homunculus's ability to recall obscure older threads.

*despair that there are threads which predate certain monkey's membership, feels still not part of MoFi elite*

*automatic offer to Cap'n of a reassuring tentacle*

Question of if it was the shoes.

Rubbing of eyes to get the eye snot out, reading again, and discovering that, no, it was not a "reassuring testicle" that MCT was offering Capt.

certain GramMatherly type comments

*appropriate oldster action

Belated realization that the timestamp is fucked up in the ersatz comment from homunculus.

Duplicate of comments 12, 54, and 77 by monkey too lazy to read the entire thread.

Trotting out of Mofi's current Google ranking on "Horse Buggery".

Innapproiate suggestion.

Surprised inquiry, noting timestamp.

Comment left by blatant sock puppet.

rude innuendo re said sock puppet

vague complaint about the number of sock puppets, creates own sock puppet for backup

*wonders who in hell walked off with his sock*

Expression of surprise at seeing an old thread on the front page

Expression of surprise at how he actually kinda misses Berek now, sorta.

Musing about Glamour being Berek alter ego.

*tying Louis' shoelaces together*

Lamentation on the absence of the_bone.

Obligatory sleazy offer of getiing nunia all "the bone" she might want, if you know what I mean. (use of small type to say "and I know you do..."

Obligatory feigned offense at TehDawg's salacious offer.

Vain attempt to pretend I was in on this thread all along and didn't just notice that it existed today.

Realization that it didn't work.

Desperate try to distract the rest of you from noticing my failure by posting a photo of kittens.

Stream of kitten-induced incomprehensible baby talk with lots of "w's" replacing "l's"

Energetic call for boobies pics

Not-very-funny posting of jpg of blue-footed boobies

Iddly-diddly-diddums baby talk and panda squeeeeeeing

Falsely accused sockpuppet stating non-sockiness


"ironic" "observation" "that" "this" "is" "square"

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