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April 14, 2006

Everything I Know About Canada... I Learned During The Commercials.

A collection of NFB Vignettes that taught a generation of Canadians about archetypal norsemen, hydraulic treeshears, birling, how to speak French without having to learn it, and more!

And a link to the Hinterland Who's Who archive, for a one-two combo of unbridled nostalgia!

I like that the "archetypal norsemen" are said to be "rigged in leather."

"The Log Drivers Waltz" has always been a favourite, but I can't believe they don't have Roch Carrier's classic "The Hockey Sweater".

It's on the second page. Here ya go.

I had "The Log Driver's Waltz" going through my head for years.

Wat about the black flies in north Ontario-i-o?

dial an accent!!

Oh man, the Log Driver's Waltz! Why it's not still on the air for kids to watch over and over, I don't know.

How about that? I used to watch these commercials as a little kid and wonder where the heck this Hinterland was, it being a cool country with all the animals.

Good post, layne, even if you stole it off me.

Are either of you "rigged in leather" though? Or wearing a "hockey sweater?"

Wolof: Yeah, but you stole it from mands.

Sorry, BearGuy.
But eye 'ave be known to fhake a fhrench h'accent.

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